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341 Iscariot - Lancer
342 Gods of Violence - Kreator

My favorite 2017 metal song so far but by the end of the year, I'm very sure everyone here will shove this to first. - Neonco31

Well it is better than the trashy pop songs above it... - Lucretia

Uh this sucks and no offense but pop is definitely better than this. - AlphaQ

Get this above that godawful Harry Styles song at least.


Great Title Track to my favorite album of 2017 so far

But to be honest I personally like Totalitarian Terror, Satan is Real and World War Now more but this track is also just as amazing - christangrant

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343 XXI Century Imperial Crusade - Hour of Penance
344 Reclaim the Sun - Mors Principium Est
345 The Rise of Hannibal - Ex Deo
346 Human - Rag'n'Bone Man

Is great, but from 2016. The album it is on is from 2017. - Martin_Canine

Garbage lyrics but I love his voice. - ProPanda

This low! - TheOneMan

347 Keep Your Eyes on Me - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
348 Moves - Big Sean
349 Square Movement - Bedwetter
350 This in Not My Stomach - Bedwetter
351 Branches - Bedwetter
352 Branch - Bedwetter
353 Fade Pt. 2 - The Pablo Collective
354 Play that Song - Train
355 Love Exists - Amy Lee

I'm an Evanescence fan. This is weak for Amy, but I still enjoy it honestly. Just wouldn't listen to it over "Speak to Me" which is a masterpiece. - DCfnaf

Amy Lee is the best! I'm listening to this right now! - KianaLexi

Never stop singing Amy. - mood333

This is lame. 1.5/5 - AlphaQ

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356 Thursday in the Danger Room - Run the Jewels

As much as I enjoyed Run the Jewels 3, it was released in 2016. Not 2017. This was from RTJ3, so it shouldn't be on this list at all. - SwagFlicks

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357 High School Blink193 - Pink Guy

Between this and White Is Right for SOTY... 6/5 - ProPanda


358 Bounce Back - Big Sean

The tune is too terrible or another good Big Sean song like Bounce Back, thanks to drum machines. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who feels very srry for Big Sean because he was pressured to have a love affair with Ariana Grande like Jai Brooks

359 Shining - DJ Khaled

I find that DJ Khaled bores me so much. - DCfnaf

360 Jordans - Jacob Sartorius

NOO! - DCfnaf

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