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381 Run for Cover - The Killers

The first Killers song I heard was Mr. Brightside. I've sort of been forever disappointed by their other stuff, even if Hot Fuss was a great album. - ProPanda

382 All the Little Things - Daydream Emigrant

Very Twenty One Pilots-esque. - LarkwingFlight

383 Nice2KnoU - All Time Low

Why do I have to add this? It's not all time lows best work but I absolutely adore this song. - JesseStump

384 The Evil Has Landed - Queens of the Stone Age The Evil Has Landed - Queens of the Stone Age

Should be way more up

385 Imperfection - Evanescence

A very good song, but I wish that the whole album would have consisted of new songs. It's been a very long time since their last album, and I don't think they needed to be experimenting with this one and re-recording old stuff. - mood333

Yaaas! This gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Amy always looks so good and sounds so good, I'M SHOOK. - KianaLexi

I really don't know what to think of this.

Basically every band that we all like is starting to decline. Fall Out Boy started doing EDM stuff, Imagine Dragons did "Thunder", Linkin Park sold out with their final album, and now Evanescence is kinda doing this electronic stuff. It's fiine, but it pales in comparison to Fallen and The Open Door by far. The verses also suck.

However Amy sounds great and the chorus is fine. So for now: 3/5

EDIT: It grew on me. 4/5 - DCfnaf

386 Love - iLoveMakonnen

ILoveMakonnen and Rae Sremmurd doing a pop punk influenced trap rap song? This is certainly something. Song is pretty fun ngl. 4/5 - ProPanda

387 Divided States of America - The Script
388 We Know Where You F***ing Live - Marilyn Manson

Please I love this skng

389 Andromeda - Gorillaz

This shouldn't be so low to be honest - SnuckleBerg

Damn. Why is this so low? Well at least it's here. so good. 'Take it in your heart now lover' so calming, yet it makes you want to dance

390 Perro Fiel - Shakira

Makes you dance

so good

391 Good Old Days - Macklemore

Wow it's so good! The lyrics are very deep and meaningful. The rhythm is very nice. I love Macklemore's work, and Kesha singing the hook was a very lovely addition as well. - Twixx

It's pretty great, but we all know Kesha is the highlight of the song man... - DCfnaf

392 Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez

It's from 2015, but the music video released in 2017. - Catacorn

The music video got me sh00k - jxcobdelreyxo

I love Melanie! 10/10 to you. - lovefrombadlands

It's from 2015 - StayAlive

393 Dream - Bishop Briggs
394 All Disco - Elbow

This song is divine. Beautiful vocals and lyrics and wonderful, elegant musicianship. - PlanetDeadwing

395 Leave That Bitch Alone - Cardi B

This chick is straight up retarded! How can people actually like this? - DaWyteNight

She has a strong memorable personality, gripping delivery, a perfect flow and stands for strength, independence and confidence. - Martin_Canine

396 Headphones - Walk the Moon
397 Black Smoke Rising - Greta Van Fleet

I've never heard anything this good since the 90s. Good job! Never been more proud to be a Michigander.

Absolutely amazing blues rock song!

Full of energy and a great start for such a new band

398 Hola - Flo Rida

The cover for this song is actually pretty decieving, I thought it was going to be trash and avoided it like it smelt something rotten, it's actually not a bad song, sure it's a bit sleazy in places and Maluma can't help but mention Gucci but damn that chorus is sticky! - crowdiegal

399 Second Chance (Don't Back Down) - T-Pain
400 Hot Mess - Girli

So underrated ;-; - Iamcool

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