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401 The Weekend - Brantley Gilbert
402 Family Table - Zac Brown Band

I'm very glad Zac Brown Band did not go the Beautiful Drug route. Between this, My Old Man, and Real Thing, I'm looking forward to hearing their new album. - NiktheWiz

403 Million Reasons - Lady Gaga
404 Everyday - Ariana Grande

Future really stinks. He ruined this song. - DCfnaf

Overrated - wriddhak

Everyday is a good day for you to go to hell, Ariana Grande, ya butthurt Belieber. Your big, sexy butt must be stuck. >:D

405 Raging Bull - One Bad Son
406 Now or Never - Halsey

Best song by Halsey ever - 1507563

Such an awesome song that should be showered with so much more attention. Halsey is one the of best singers around who is so underrated.

This is so boring and this sucks. - DCfnaf

407 John Wayne - Lady Gaga

Should be higher! This slays - Worksponge

408 Think Outside the Boy - Lauren Alaina
409 Pretty - Lauren Alaina
410 Misery and Gin - Jaime Wyatt
411 Wasco - Jaime Wyatt
412 From Outer Space - Jaime Wyatt
413 Started from the Bottom - Spongebozz

This is better than Drake's version. 4/5 - AlphaQ

@AlphaQ: It has hardly any resemblance to Drake's song except for the line "Started From the Bottom, Now We Here" distorted in the background, but yeah, I agree. SpongeBozz is one of the lyrically most complex rappers out there (just listen to those rhymes on the second audio sample), and here he actually talks about his personal life and gives insight to the circumstances that lead to his fame. And gosh, that awesome beat <3
I'll give a 5 out of 5. This entire album is pure gold but this and "Apocalyptic Infinity" take the cake. - Martin_Canine

414 Schwarze Sterne - Entetainment
415 The Invocation - Sinners are Winners

Dahvie Vanity...why...this sounds so bad... - DCfnaf

416 Legacy - Kollegah Legacy - Kollegah
417 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

This song is annoying - eqwdasf

Severely overplayed. - The01Bro

The song is really good, people just don't like it because of Justin Bieber. I hate that version but the original is the best version. - galaco

The best and catchiest song of all time

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418 Song on Fire - Nickelback Song on Fire - Nickelback

Another good song from the new Nickelback album looking forward to this but I bet its going to get hate so heres my rating
8/10 - christangrant

419 Lizenzen des Killers - Entertainment
420 Right Now - Haim
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