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421 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

This song is annoying - eqwdasf

Severely overplayed. - The01Bro

The song is really good, people just don't like it because of Justin Bieber. I hate that version but the original is the best version. - galaco

The best and catchiest song of all time

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422 Song on Fire - Nickelback Song on Fire - Nickelback

Another good song from the new Nickelback album looking forward to this but I bet its going to get hate so heres my rating
8/10 - christangrant

423 Lizenzen des Killers - Entertainment
424 Right Now - Haim
425 Bad and Boujee - Migos

Moved down like 100 spots - 1507563

Raindrops, Drop Tops. - AlphaQ

Bad and Bougee

Um...NO! - DCfnaf

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426 Told You So - Paramore's no Hard Times. It has the same sense of groove and musicianship, but it's even more tropical-inspired and repetitive while being less vocally and lyrically present. It's alright, but I've heard better from this band. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

427 Babawagen - ApoRed
428 Quit - Cashmere Cat

DAMN! Ariana surprisingly sounds emotional here and this is awesome! - DCfnaf

This... words cannot describe how I feel about this song. - ProPanda

Ariana - 1507563

429 Deja Vu - Roger Waters
430 Hip Boots - Deep Purple
431 Cool Your Heart - Dirty Projectors
432 Call the Police - LCD Soundsystem
433 Resurrection Spell - Blood on the Dance Floor

Wait...they're still relevant? - DCfnaf

I just listen to this song and it was so boring - RoseCandyMusic

Why couldn't they just stay disbanded for God's sake?
Blood on the Crappy Dance Floor got just back together a week ago, and now they've got an abysmal new member. Anyways, this song is obviously a disaster on all grounds. -5/5. - Cartoonfan202

They got back together a week ago? Yeah, that just shows how much effort was thrown into this garbage. - DCfnaf

434 Nights with You - MØ
435 Madness - All that Remains
436 Renegade - Axwell / Ingrosso

Eh, I'll take it. 5/5 - ProPanda

437 J-Boy - Phoenix
438 I'm a Lady - Meghan Trainor

I actually don't mind this. - DCfnaf

439 Feel - While She Sleeps
440 Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
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