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481 Play that Song - Train
482 I Don't - Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is dead. - DCfnaf

Mariah Carey will always be more underrated than Ariana Grande, thanks to the Arianators that bash rock music.

Mariah ain't underrated, she had her time and it is up now. If you see the comments on her youtube videos from her fans she's more overrated than underrated. - DaWyteNight

483 Love Exists - Amy Lee

I'm an Evanescence fan. This is weak for Amy, but I still enjoy it honestly. Just wouldn't listen to it over "Speak to Me" which is a masterpiece. - DCfnaf

Amy Lee is the best! I'm listening to this right now! - KianaLexi

Never stop singing Amy. - mood333

This is lame. 1.5/5 - AlphaQ

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484 Thursday in the Danger Room - Run the Jewels

As much as I enjoyed Run the Jewels 3, it was released in 2016. Not 2017. This was from RTJ3, so it shouldn't be on this list at all. - SwagFlicks

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485 High School Blink193 - Pink Guy

Between this and White Is Right for SOTY... 6/5 - ProPanda


486 Shining - DJ Khaled

I find that DJ Khaled bores me so much. - DCfnaf

487 Jordans - Jacob Sartorius

This is over Annie LeBlanc? - LisaandLena

NOO! - DCfnaf

488 Bingo - Jacob Sartorius

This is the worst song of the year lol. - AlphaQ

This is a mediocre song - RoseCandyMusic

489 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

Hi trolls, wanna get spanked..?!?! - AlphaQ

no - wrests

NO AGAIN! - DCfnaf

490 Infinite Scroll - P.O.S

One of the only two or three songs I could see myself returning to off that turgid slog of an album. - WonkeyDude98

491 Reminder - The Weekend
492 POA - Future

No. Future is boring and terrible. - DCfnaf

493 Fresh Air - Future

No. Future is boring and terrible. - DCfnaf

494 Outlet - Desiigner

Moved down 50 or more spots lol - 1507563

Basically Tiimmy Turner with a BIT more autotune and a far better beat. So this means that this is better than Tiimmy Turner. So this hits #1 on my remix. Desiigner, you got a new best song. Keep it up! 6/5 - AlphaQ

495 Super Trapper - Future

No again. - DCfnaf

496 Selfish - Future

No again. - DCfnaf

497 Love Goes On - Kelly Clarkson & Aloe Blacc
498 Slide - Calvin Harris

Damn I actually liked it. 6/5 - ProPanda

Damn this song is amazing

What's with the singing baby at the beginning?

Calvin Harris's production did a 180. Migos is fun and Frank Ocean carries the more meaningful tone of the song

499 Bitch - Ugly God

The lyrics are hilarious. It's funny because when I was on a date with my ex I was gonna a dedicate a song to her and when I was about to play my song, my phone rang and "Bitch" was the ringtone. 6/5 - AlphaQ

500 Lay Our Flowers Down - Lady Antebellum
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