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61 Havana - Camila Cabello

I do think this is a good song. However, while Camila did an amazing job, I can't really rate this song high enough because of one issue in particular: Young Thug. I'm not a fan of mumble rap, and Young Thug's line on this song is just not really that great in my opinion, and kind of hold the song back. it is still awesome to see that Camila did a great enough job to have this song be a critical and commercial success despite Young Thug's mumbling of the second verse. - tonyb500

This better be a hit or I will go over to a radio station and make them play it - 1507563

Great Song, Until Radio started playing the hit out of it. Reminds me of Trap Queen the way it got Played Too Much. Now no one even mentions the song Trap Queen. - Primrose1021

This song is one of my favourites, and it'll go down in history. :)

I hope its video gets more views than Despacito.

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62 Hallucinating - Future

One of Future's best. - ProPanda

Bleh. Future. Get this dull crap out of here. - DCfnaf

63 Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

I don't like this song. If you listen to the beat, (at least me and my sister think) it sounds a lot like Setting Fires by The Chainsmokers in the part where it just plays music. And anyway, I just don't like Alessia Cara's voice. - lovefrombadlands

Yes, it's so amazing its on here twice

This is already here. - ProPanda

Suprised this is not higher up, number one in multiple countries for some considerable weeks

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64 Rainbow - Kesha

Kesha's soul song. What an inspiration. - Twixx

65 Call It What You Want - Taylor Swift

Thank god a decent Taylor Swift song this year, she was wasting her writing skills so much with the previous singles and it was so sad. 3/5 - DaisyandRosalina

I love this song really tells a story with Taylor Swift and a former lover. I Just hope she tells Us more about who this person is. LOVE this new album. Hope she will make more like these.

I just love this song, so call it what you want call it what you want to, but I know you won't be calling it a bad song, 10/10! - lovefrombadlands

66 ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

I think Taylor Swift is over hated and I usually try to defend her music. Here I can't. -1/5 - DCfnaf

I remember when Look What You Made Me Do came out and people were like "Where's the bass? " This song makes me feel like Taylor Swift read all of those comments and said "You want bass? Oh, I'll give you bass.". Was that how she came up with this garbage? Taylor Swift is impossible to listen to now. 0/10

It literally sounds like Taylor combined four Skrillex songs together. Really awkward instrumental, terrible drop, and the vocals suck. But at least it's better than Look What You Made Me Do. 2.5/10 - Maxo 0/5 - naFrovivuS

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67 The Apprentice - Gorillaz

Not the best on Humanz, but still good!

68 Slow Hands - Niall Horan

There's better songs on his album "Flicker" but yes, it's alright even with the gross imagery of sweat running down the dirty laundry which is something I don't want to think about. - crowdiegal

This song is bad. It sounds generic. And a bad singing voice. A 0/10 from me - lovefrombadlands

Should be a bit higher - 1507563

Quit making music you random ex 1D members - Lucretia

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69 Disconnect - Clean Bandit & Marina and the Diamonds

Why isn't this much higher?! It's MARINA!

70 Closer - The Chainsmokers

This is from 2016. And this is utter garbage. 0/5 - AlphaQ

No... if I hear this one more time I am going to scream and smash every radio I see. - Lucretia

Wrong year, wrong list, 0/5 - naFrovivuS

Great song not their best but good

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71 Chanel - Frank Ocean

This single os awesome! 5/5 - DankGodX

This Single is lit


72 Garden Shed - Tyler, the Creator

I never expected to like a Tyler, the Creator song - Eraser

Not necessarily exemplary, but nothing better this year. What a shame. - Sop

Tune of the year. Builds and builds and builds!

Goes hard

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73 The Fall of Jake Paul - Logan Paul

Jake Paul's bad music should fall - lovefrombadlands

Yeh, this song was Very good

Yeah, no. 1/5 - naFrovivuS

No, Just No - Primrose1021

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74 The Underside of Power - Algiers
75 Perfect Duet - Ed Sheeran

This is nice. 8/10. - lovefrombadlands

76 Everything - Brian McKnight

Classic Brian McKnight. Soft, couples time, let's get together music. I like.

77 Get You - Daniel Caesar
78 Star - Brockhampton
79 There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes

The bridge to this song is provably the best thing I heard in the last 3 months. Great lyrics and tune by somebody who made a song a few years ago about beating himself up. 5/5 - TristGamer

Um...what song are you talking about? Shawn NEVER made a song about beating himself up. - CamilaHavana

Shawn Mendes' best song to date! A huge step up from Stitches, Treat You Better and especially (ESPECIALLY) Mercy. - Maxo

This song has become almost a staple on hit radio in Australia and I have to say I can't complain, it's one of Shawn Mendes better songs. - crowdiegal

My favorite song of the 10's definelely so far. you are amazing Shawn.

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80 Love Exists - Amy Lee

I'm an Evanescence fan. This is weak for Amy, but I still enjoy it honestly. Just wouldn't listen to it over "Speak to Me" which is a masterpiece. - DCfnaf

Amy Lee is the best! I'm listening to this right now! - KianaLexi

Never stop singing Amy. - mood333

This is lame. 1.5/5 - AlphaQ

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