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61 Third of May / Odaigahara - Fleet Foxes
62 Fallen Brother - Kreator
63 33rd - Cupcakke

She's just not good in my opinion. I'll give her credit for having the personality for the type of topics she raps about, but I honestly think she's just a straightforward Nicki Minaj. - DCfnaf

Slay! - Worksponge - Iamcool

64 CPR - Cupcakke

I guess some can find her funny because she's probably satirical. But for me? I don't know really. She's just kind of pathetic to me. - DCfnaf

Queen of CPR, mouth to mouth is shook beyond... - Worksponge


Iggy Azalea meets Migos in the best ways possible. - ProPanda

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65 Silence Speaks - While She Sleeps
66 Regret in Your Tears - Nicki Minaj

What's with all the mediocre artists taking breaks and coming back with new songs, and all being polarizing in respect to each other. First Ed Sheeran, now Nicki. 5/5 - ProPanda

Surprisingly...this is GOOD. I mean Nicki Minaj is the epitome of fake and annoying, but this snatched my weave. 6/5.

While the 2014-era Nicki was kinda bad, this was a perfectly good comeback for her. I'll give a 4.9/5 - Neonco31

I was impressed listening to this, 5/5. - Catacorn

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67 Issues - Julia Michaels

Best debut song of an artist in YEARS - Worksponge

This song is what has issues. Garbage. - DCfnaf

This song has major issues.

I like it - Lunala

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68 Temperate - Hendo

#1 bes son g of the yer

69 No Absolution - Thy Art is Murder
70 The Violence - Rise Against

Rise Against never fail to satisfy me. Another great song by a great band. - cjWriter1997

How TF is this 79th.
This is honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard.

71 Humble - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar if as awesome as ever in the song, his vocals are great and his floor if great. The best and lyrics work in concert with each other to create this, "shut up and listen to ME, I'm the boss" vibe, and he totally OWNS it!

Kendrick sounds as great as ever on this one. His vocals are great and so is his flow. The lyrics and beat both have this down to Earth listen to me, I'm the boss vibe.

Song is absolute genius. DNA is better but this is still good. 4/5 - AlphaQ

It pretty much defines this year

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72 Bodies for Money - Gnod

Wait this is here? Cool. - ProPanda

73 Infinite Scroll - P.O.S

One of the only two or three songs I could see myself returning to off that turgid slog of an album. - WonkeyDude98

74 Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862) - Iced Earth
75 Element - Kendrick Lamar

This hits as hard as HUMBLE does. The lyrics are powerful enough to touch the heart of people and the meaning of them are pretty deep. DAMN is turning out to be more like TPAB than I thought...and that's a good thing. 5/5 - AlphaQ

This is okay. - DCfnaf

76 You - Keyshia Cole

This is my jam! Yass - Worksponge

R&B in 2017! Years we need more R&B especially from females! - Worksponge

77 Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

This is a guilty pleasure, but holy hell is it lame. - DCfnaf

It's decent crap!

Be number one! - 1507563

A total jam

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78 Feed the Machine - Nickelback

I'll give it to them. They were never horrible, nor were they great, but I'll say their music is still better to listen to than most modern artists. This one is their best in 5 years. 9/10 - naFrovivuS

I actually really like this one; I'm looking forward to see what else Nickelback have to offer this year. 8/10. - NiktheWiz

Bleh. I actually kinda like the instrumental, but Chad Kroeger is the more boring but less contemptible Dave Mustaine. The band is improving from their disgusting mediocrity I guess. 1/5 - WonkeyDude98

Nowhere near as good as the OTHER Feed the Machine released 6 years ago. - LarkwingFlight

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79 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is gone, and she will sorely be missed by her fans (I hated the show and was not upset to see her go though). Then Miley Cyrus changed her appearances and wore ridiculous costumes, sexualized her concerts, made disgusting videos, autotuned most of her songs to death (Wrecking Ball and FU are exceptions), and twerked on stage for fame. Once she got on The Voice, she stopped the antics and started transitioning back to country girl Miley Cyrus. She has officially transitioned back to normal. For those of you who still think she's a disgusting and poor role model...please spread the word about this beautiful, heartfelt country pop song. The song is about Miley living in Malibu and directing the song to Liam Hemsworth. The message and lyrics are just beautiful, especially for Miley standards. "I never would've believed you if three years ago you told me/I'd be here writing this song" and "We are just like the waves that flow back and forth/Sometimes I feel like I'm ...more - DCfnaf

This is actually GOOD. She appears to be cleaning up her act. At first when I heard Miley was releasing another song, I was like "oh crap, not another we can't stop." But MY WEAVE WAS SNATCHED. She was actually SANE and CLEAN, not trying too hard to be "sexy." Like I don't mind sexiness, but back in 2013 Miley took it WAYY TOO FAR. As in to the point where it wasn't sexy, it was disturbing and disgusting. But thank goodness she cleaned up her act with this masterpiece

If any of you need evidence as to how I'm NOT Spectrum Pulse, this is it. I don't love this like most people do, it's still lacking in a lot of energy, but it''s nice. Really nice. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

Lovely,beautiful,unique presentation

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80 Feels - Calvin Harris

Ah, here's a good song that charted. Sounds very Disco and funky and the tropical vibes are great. This is fresh in a year full of lazy mumble rap abominations. 5/5 - DCfnaf

This song is the best ever! It's currently my number one, before Crybaby, What About Us and Airplanes.

The music now is CRAPPY, but Feels brings back the whole disco 80s, 70s funk vibe and its amazing! Katy's voice is magical and the rap is great! Really a good way to incorporate modern music instruments but not overdo it, while making it a catchy funky feel-good relaxing just plain out GOOD song. Thank you, Calvin!


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