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101 Apocalyptic Infinty (Payback #forsundiego Version) - Spongebozz
102 Great Heathen Army - Iced Earth
103 Wake Up Alone - The Chainsmokers
104 Lies in the Dark - Tove Lo

A powerful movie track. Tove Lo is a great artist! - mood333

105 Say Something Loving - The XX Say Something Loving - The XX
106 Everglow - Starset
107 Stillness is Timeless - Persefone
108 Ghost - Betraying the Martyrs
109 Same Day Different Bottle - Lauren Alaina
110 Saturnz Barz - Gorillaz


111 One More Light - Linkin Park

Beautiful lyrics. Pay attention please

Why this is entire album even here? - DCfnaf

It's pretty obvious you didn't listen to this album, because this is the TITLE TRACK. Not the entire album, just the track that has the same name as the album. - somelifeonaplanet

NO. - AlphaQ

This song makes you understand...
RIP Chester...

112 Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled

Bleh. This is so boring and lazy. DJ Khaled knows how to bore me. - DCfnaf

Go up! - 1507563

113 Gods of Violence - Kreator

My favorite 2017 metal song so far but by the end of the year, I'm very sure everyone here will shove this to first. - Neonco31

Well it is better than the trashy pop songs above it... - Lucretia

Uh this sucks and no offense but pop is definitely better than this. - AlphaQ


Great Title Track to my favorite album of 2017 so far

But to be honest I personally like Totalitarian Terror, Satan is Real and World War Now more but this track is also just as amazing - christangrant

Metal SOTY. 7/5 - ProPanda

114 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

Genuine masterpiece. - ProPanda

Amazing! Love it

Uhhh...Overdoses on Autotune and the guy sounds depressed. However, The beat is dope and the lyrics are alright so I'll give him that. 2/5 - AlphaQ

Ugh. Unforgivingly lame. - DCfnaf

115 Resurrection Spell - Blood on the Dance Floor

Wait...they're still relevant? - DCfnaf

I just listen to this song and it was so boring - RoseCandyMusic

Why couldn't they just stay disbanded for God's sake?
Blood on the Crappy Dance Floor got just back together a week ago, and now they've got an abysmal new member. Anyways, this song is obviously a disaster on all grounds. -5/5. - Cartoonfan202

They got back together a week ago? Yeah, that just shows how much effort was thrown into this garbage. - DCfnaf

116 Inspired - Miley Cyrus

Finally, she took the country route. She should be making country music. This is like a sequel to "The Climb". Her voice is sweet here and it's about...well...being inspired to make a change. Everyone means something to the world and she wants you to know. Miley is kicking behind this year, first "Malibu" and then "Inspired". If you haven't figured it out, I really like her now. - DCfnaf

If you liked "Malibu" you will LOVE this, THIS may be her BEST song yet, it deserves number one. - DaisyandRosalina

Miley's doing well this year - Cartoonfan202

117 Not Afraid Anymore - Halsey

Ugh, no. This is boring and annoying at the same time. Essentially Halsey's idea of music. - DCfnaf

It's so good... Should be higher. - mood333

118 Softly and Tenderly - Reba McEntire
119 Jordans - Jacob Sartorius

NOO! - DCfnaf

120 Slide - Calvin Harris

Damn I actually liked it. 6/5 - ProPanda

Damn this song is amazing

What's with the singing baby at the beginning?

Calvin Harris's production did a 180. Migos is fun and Frank Ocean carries the more meaningful tone of the song

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