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101 Pool - Paramore
102 XXI Century Imperial Crusade - Hour of Penance
103 Cave Yourself Over - Bedwetter
104 Reverie - Arca
105 Great Heathen Army - Iced Earth
106 Smell the Roses - Roger Waters

Probably the worst song by this album, but still better than much song that get ranked higher - Daniele646

107 Quick Thought - cupcakKe

Wanna rob a bank? Listen to this track right here! - Worksponge

108 The Sky Is A Neighborhood - Foo Fighters

108... and Kesha is number 1? I'm livin in a world full of jokes I think...

Pretty great song

109 Mask Off - Future

Whoa. The best Future has done ever. - AlphaQ

Get this at number 10 or 20

Why 100 make it become 30 or 10


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110 Chained to the Rhythm - Katy Perry

Love this song so much! It's my favorite. - LapisBob

This song is so atrocious and boring. That being said I never had a great deal of respect for Katy Perry to begin with. None of her songs have ever stuck out to me very much ( though there are a few exceptions) This song is just blegh! - GrimmShady

Turn it up, it's your least favorite song! Stab stab stab till they end this sooong. - DCfnaf

no. - Swellow

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111 Malagueña Salerosa - Avenged Sevenfold
112 Redbone - Childish Gambino

It's not that I love this song but I just can't stop listening to it.

This isn't my favorite song of the year, but it's pretty damn awesome and I'm adding this because I know the music nerds on TTT love this song. - DCfnaf

Voting for this cause it requires the Top 5.

I love the vibes in this song. It's too good and it's got a nice funk too. 6/5 - AlphaQ

113 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

Change that to "I Don't Wanna Live At All" and that would be my feelings about the radio music...and this garbage. - DCfnaf

the best.

114 SpongeBob - Princess Vitarah

What the heck? First Timmy Turner by Desiigner, and now Spongebob? This song is just awful! - Cartoonfan202

There's a lot to like about this. However, it's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Whatever, I'll take it. 3/5 - ProPanda

At this rate, In 2018 we're going to be listening to a song about Lincoln Loud - themets05

Why does this exist? -5/5 - DCfnaf

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115 What About Us - P!nk

Help climb this song up higher on the list! I love this song

Trending today, and I'll take it. - DCfnaf

What about you go away and never come back, St! nk. This song sucks just like the rest of your discography.

116 It Takes Two - Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty

Isn't this that ad I saw on youtube - wrests

What the heck is this doing on the list? It's pure cancer. Also, Mike WiLL Made-It - DCfnaf

I legitimately want to spend a day with these two in New York City. - ProPanda

Pop perfection. 5/5 - AlphaQ

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117 Back to Beautiful - Sofia Carson

Thanks Alan Walker for keeping this tolerable. 4/5 - ProPanda

This song describes most peoples life


118 Why? - Jeffy

Its lit

€�Why, why” is this so low - kok2

119 Cut to the Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen

Generic pop slurry that's an awful fit for Carly Rae Jepsen. 1/5 - WonkeyDude98

We've been missing the out and out feel good pop song just lately and Carly Rae Jepsen has popped up just in time to deliver this slice of pop perfection. - crowdiegal

This is fun! 3/5 - DCfnaf

120 Inspired - Miley Cyrus

Finally, she took the country route. She should be making country music. This is like a sequel to "The Climb". Her voice is sweet here and it's about...well...being inspired to make a change. Everyone means something to the world and she wants you to know. Miley is kicking behind this year, first "Malibu" and then "Inspired". If you haven't figured it out, I really like her now. - DCfnaf

If you liked "Malibu" you will LOVE this, THIS may be her BEST song yet, it deserves number one. - DaisyandRosalina

Miley's doing well this year - Cartoonfan202

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