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101 Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

Listen closely, Cupcakke. THIS is how you perfectly execute a great explicit hip hop track from a female perspective. This is how you use your voice to demonstrate a certain strength, this is how you flow with the beat, this is how you write lyrics that add to the character you want to be seen as, while still being mostly light and of sexual nature. Do you hear how she uses both her vocal delivery and her words to create tension? Now, try doing something similar to this and the two of us might can reconcile. - Martin_Canine

Yeah this song is amazing

So good I first heard this song by my best friend and instantly fell in love - tbell4ever

Ugh... every time I hear this, it gets worse. - Lucretia

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102 Silence Speaks - While She Sleeps
103 Regret in Your Tears - Nicki Minaj

What's with all the mediocre artists taking breaks and coming back with new songs, and all being polarizing in respect to each other. First Ed Sheeran, now Nicki. 5/5 - ProPanda

Surprisingly...this is GOOD. I mean Nicki Minaj is the epitome of fake and annoying, but this snatched my weave. 6/5.

While the 2014-era Nicki was kinda bad, this was a perfectly good comeback for her. I'll give a 4.9/5 - Neonco31

Wait? Nicki Minaj is starting to be good now! Yay! - lovefrombadlands

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104 Haze of Interference - Bedwetter Haze of Interference - Bedwetter

Get this to #1 ASAP. Not one song on this list can get as emotional as this one, except for maybe Man Wearing a Helmet and Stoop Lights. - SwagFlicks

He still wets beds? - DankGodX

He wets beds. Ew. - AlphaQ

...well, I think Amy Lee has some serious competition for the Number 1 spot.

Because yeah, after giving this guy's album a listen, I’m hooked. VERY hooked. 10/5

How are Jake Paul and Taylor Swift ahead of this masterpiece? - DCfnaf

105 Issues - Julia Michaels

Best debut song of an artist in YEARS - Worksponge

This song is what has issues. Garbage. - DCfnaf

This song has major issues.

This song is good. 6/10. - lovefrombadlands

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106 Mask Off - Future

Whoa. The best Future has done ever. - AlphaQ

Get this at number 10 or 20

Why 100 make it become 30 or 10


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107 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

Change that to "I Don't Wanna Live At All" and that would be my feelings about the radio music...and this garbage. - DCfnaf

the best.

108 Hallucinating - Future

One of Future's best. - ProPanda

Bleh. Future. Get this dull crap out of here. - DCfnaf

109 No Absolution - Thy Art is Murder
110 The Violence - Rise Against

Rise Against never fail to satisfy me. Another great song by a great band. - cjWriter1997

How TF is this 79th.
This is honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard.

111 Invisible - Linkin Park
112 33rd - Cupcakke

She's just not good in my opinion. I'll give her credit for having the personality for the type of topics she raps about, but I honestly think she's just a straightforward Nicki Minaj. - DCfnaf

Bad quality bad music! -9/10 - lovefrombadlands

Slay! - Worksponge - Iamcool

113 Systemagic - Goldfrapp
114 Intra Venus - Ne Obliviscaris
115 Silence - Marshmello

Not only does this song have Marshmello but it also has powerful lyrics.

116 Eyes Closed - Halsey

One of my favorite songs on her new album - mood333

Yes. just yes. Halsey is amazing and extremely talented while her song is perfectly executed with lovely and meaningful lyrics. 11/10. - lovefrombadlands

117 Down for Mine - Rittz
118 Just Like Love - Perfume Genius
119 Stillness is Timeless - Persefone
120 Love - Lana Del Rey

Lana's best song in years. - WonkeyDude98

Make this higher

Ew. Lana Del Rey's bad music. 0/10. - lovefrombadlands

I think Halsey has the best song of the year with Bad At Love...or Portugal The Man with Feel It Still - lovefrombadlands

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