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161 Performance - The XX Performance - The XX
162 Killing a Little Time - David Bowie
163 Stars (The Shack Version) - Skillet
164 Run Up - Major Lazer
165 Replica - The XX Replica - The XX
166 I Got You - Bebe Rexha

While her voice gets awkward at times, this is still a banger. 4/5 - ProPanda

Easily Bebe Rexha's best. Her vocals have enough power to kick Tyga's dumb ass. The lyrics are great. The beat is calming. So yea. 5/5. - AlphaQ

This song should not be on this list this song is amazing and so is bebe rexha!

This is actually decent. This is a little awkward, but I will take it. - DCfnaf

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167 One More Light - Linkin Park

Why this is entire album even here? - DCfnaf

NO. - AlphaQ

168 Brave for You - The XX Brave for You - The XX
169 My Old Man - Zac Brown Band

Love the Zach brown band- but castle on the hill is better - foxandwolf

Uh no. 0/5 - AlphaQ

170 White is Right - Pink Guy

This song is so funny - DoroExploro13


171 Love - Lana Del Rey

Lana's best song in years. - WonkeyDude98

172 My Little RNR - Danko Jones
173 My Mistake - Candice Glover

I'm here on this list to talk about and defend what I believe is underrated music that deserves more attention. "My Mistake" is a great R&B song. Candice is one of the best female vocalists since Whitney Houston, along with singers such as Amy Lee, Adele, and Kelly Clarkson. She sings with beauty and power and the background effects like her lines echoing only make the song more relaxing and enjoyable. I can't wait for Candice's new album this summer because she is easily up there as one of the most underrated singers with Amy Lee. You've impressed me Candice, let's see if you can impress thetoptens. - DCfnaf

Well this is awful. She's boring and the beat is so lame. Whyyy? 1/5 - AlphaQ

Really, this is lower than Cupcakke and Princess Vitarah? - DCfnaf

This song is ok. I like her voice, and the lyrics are alright. The beat isn't very pleasing though. 3/5. - ProPanda

174 Test Me - The XX Test Me - The XX
175 Believer - Major Lazer & Showtek

Run Up shouldn't be above this. - ProPanda

176 So Close - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

The weakest of the four singles, but I love the disco and funk elements. This album is looking good. 5/5 - ProPanda

What is this? A year best songs list where I fully agree with #1? - ProPanda

177 Anymore - Goldfrapp

I am so thrilled with Goldfrapp's return. To be honest, as beautiful as it is, Tales of Us just didn't feel like it was a Goldfrapp project to me. It eliminated so much of their signature electronic sound that it felt like a different band with Alison's voice. With Silver Eye, I think Alison and Will have something to remind the fans of their glory days. - theOpinionatedOne

If this lead single is setting the overall tone for Silver Eye, it's shaping up to be their best album since Seventh Tree. Musically, it reminds me of Black Cherry, their best and most consistent album. I'm eager to hear them back to doing what they do best and that's kick-heavy genre-bending dance music with grungy synths and spacey trip-hop ballads. 5/5 - theOpinionatedOne

178 It's Not Design - Lupe Fiasco It's Not Design - Lupe Fiasco

Great song with a jazz influence, from an overlooked but amazing artist, Lupe Fiasco!

179 Shether - Remy Ma
180 T-Shirt - Migos

Momma told me (ay) not to sell work,
Seventy-five same color T-shirt. Whoa. I like this. 5/5 - AlphaQ

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