Praying - Kesha


How is it that previously panned artists like Kesha and Miley Cyrus have reformed while previously acclaimed artists like Katy Perry and Linkin Park have tarnished their legacies? Strange year for music... - naFrovivuS

I know this song is "popular" but its quite offending and annoying I truly hate this song I also have a strong dislike for Kesha the only time she was good was when she sang good old days I feel like she just thought of the lyrics randomly no meaning to the song I feel like Kesha always just thinks of words randomly and puts it in a song she is so talentless if I had to rate this song I'd say negative infinity worst song ever! - GreyRose

I have to say, I really do NOT like this song. No, I'm not an atheist. It was just a mediocre song at first. Then it just got played over and over and over again and it made me lose my mind. The lyrics are repetitive in the first place so god please I'm glad this song died. - Yatagarasu

I have never particularly liked Kesha (not disliked, just didn't like), but no doubt in my mind that this is one of most beautiful songs so far of the 21st century. Most music has a time watermark, but this song is timeless, and that makes it all the more beautiful. - jayfowler

I really hate lists like these because the people vote for artists and not the actual songs. - Jackamalio

An incredible comeback for Kesha that deserved all the attention it got. Booming production, powerful lyrics, and an emotion-fueled performance, this was a highlight in the highlight that was Rainbow and my favorite song of 2017.

I am no Kesha fan but this song blew me away. It's a stunning return and deserves a slot in the top tens of every single chart around the world - crowdiegal

Compared to her older songs, this proves she has improved a TON, same with Miley Cyrus.

This song is simply magical in ever sense of the word. Kesha has been through so much hell, like so much, and hearing this song is the most hope-filling and heart-touching thing ever. I just cannot praise this beautiful ballad enough. - Twixx

I cried the first time I listened to this. I read the story and then this played appeared on youtube music trends. Just, so beautiful... 5/5 - Disx

0/10. This song is so boring and monotonous. It is just like every other bad slow song - lovefrombadlands

It's a very deserving #1. I could listen to it constantly. Kesha struck the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I always loved Kesha's music, but I honestly think this might actually top Tik Tok for me, which was my favorite from her. What better way to come back after a 5 year hiatus since Warrior, and dealing with sexual abuse and legal problems with Dr. Luke than this. All I can say is; welcome back Kesha and you've been sincerely missed. - MilesW1998

It was amazing, despite only listening to it once as of now and not getting too much of it. The song has a pretty good flow especially the piano and Kesha was pretty good at pulling it out. 4.2/5 - Neonco31

First time I heard this song I was so emotionally moved and shocked by Kesha's singing and emotion. She put her heart and soul in this song and it pays off - JESUSISKING

Was never a Kesha fan because she was lazy and autotuned, but this won me over incredibly quickly. It starts with a speaking portion and that's great, and the song proved Kesha can sing. Glad everyone is improving this year. 6/5 - DCfnaf

A Kesha emotional without being filled with autotune? Automatically a 4.5/5! - DaisyandRosalina

I used to think Kesha was a crazy party animal and only made songs about partying. Listening to this I take it all back. She's a grown up now. - isaaonrtdmtr

I think this is deserving of the top ten to be honest with you. - DCfnaf

When I listened to this on the radio, I loved how she came back but as a different person this time! This has got to be one of the best songs she's ever made.

I'm pretty sure I vote for this song every two days - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

I'm really sorry about what Kesha had to go through but she's just not good. Sure she has a powerful voice but she's cheesy and there's a reason praying dropped off the charts. - Thicc_Neeson

I respect your opinion on the song, but I need to ask you: What's the reason this fell off of the charts? A lot of the music on the charts now is horrible, so I don't see why this would drop and why the other dull trash wouldn't. - DCfnaf

Yes how could you not vote for this! My 4th favorite song of 2017 but I picked it because my other favorites have no change of winning, Kesha is the bomb!

Deserves #1 on every "Best of 2017" culture list - Spark_Of_Life

Most. Overrated. Song. Of. All. Time. - RogerWatersfan1999