Ravens - Mount Eerie


I think this song is definitely one of this year's best, mostly because it's not commercial or nonsensical. It's a song that tells a dark story, and while the vocals aren't really that great, I've gotten well past it, and focused more on the story conveyed. 10/10 - naFrovivuS

Jesus Christ! I definitely thought this was undeserving of the Number 1 spot, but...why is this at the bottom of the list with all of the year's garbage? This should be on like...I don't know the third page? - DCfnaf

It isn't that awful. The lyrics are good, but the vocals are just bland and kinda raspy. - isaaonrtdmtr

It's a good song, but I think his vocals could be a bit stronger - Eraser

Absolutely beautiful in a subtle way, I love this song.

What is this song? I can't even find a PROPER music video of it on YouTube! - micahisthebest

Oh hey I have a featured list now. - ProPanda

What did you expect? Of course a lost like this will be featured. - naFrovivuS

Come on, guys. This song is really sweet and beautifully written. The simplicity works really well to sell such sad lyrics. - NiktheWiz

Sorry, but I completely disagree. With a lot of the tragic music we're already getting nowadays, this is the last song I would ever want to listen too. If I actually wanted a sad song that was really sweet and beautifully written, Adele did it first and did it much, much better. I get what the song is about, but for me it just doesn't work. :/ - tonyb500

I'm sorry, but I disagree. For me, and what sort of music we're getting nowadays, this is the last song I would ever want to listen to. - tonyb500

I get that this track isn't necessarily for everyone, but besides Dcfnaf, all the flack this song is getting is way out of hand. - NiktheWiz

Except it doesn't do it in a good way. The soft vocals aren't good vocals. Obviously you don't need to have powerful vocals to make a song sound good. But you also need to have a good voice. Mount Eerie doesn't have a good voice. And the song itself, despite what it's about, is bland. Everything Mount Eerie has attempted to convey in this song has already been done many, many times by people with much better vocals. This song only has one purpose; to be dedicated to his wife, and that's it. It isn't "song of the year" good. - tonyb500

It's not because it's about his wife's death (See You Again is about the death of an actor, and it's one of the worst hit songs of 2015). It's that this song actually illustrates what it is like to go through really depressing times. Ravens is one of those times where nice and simple instrumentation really works. Mount Eerie may not be a powerhouse vocalist, but he still delivers a lot of passion in his soft vocals. - NiktheWiz

Why? Because it's about his wife's death? I can appreciate the heart and soul put into it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it in any way. - DCfnaf

I have made Mount Eerie the new Jackie Evancho at this point. - djpenquin999

I highly commend you for that. Now if we can get him #1 on every list, that would be great. - ProPanda

I just don't like this song. I didn't even know this guy until I saw this list. this thing should be in the fifth page or something. - Pokemonrules101

This reminds me of "7 Years" in that it started being loved on TTT but then became hated. - Martinglez

I honestly can't see the appeal, I mean, I like the tragic lyrics, but this guy really can't sing and bores me. There are sad songs out there that are way better mainly because the singer's vocals have more feeling in them. Sorry.

EDIT: And now I do get the appeal, love the tragic lyrics, don't mind the guy's voice, and this song truly breaks my heart. YES. 6/5 - DCfnaf

Ok, everyone, before you vote for your Linkin Park or Amy Lee or whatever else, listen to this. This is heartbreaking. - djpenquin999

You're comment isn't a one sentence rant about how this is below something! DISLIKED! - ProPanda

Soria Moria is better but this is AOTY and every song is still amazing

WHAT is this crap and WHY is it on this list?

Please, people, do everyone a favor and vote for "Praying" by Kesha too knock this song out of the top spot! And if for some reason you prefer a different song, vote for that one! Just don't let THIS be the best song of 2017. Because this shouldn't even be on the list! - tonyb500

I just think this song doesn't really do anything for me. It's not great, and it's not terrible. It's just sort of there, and it was unpleasant for me to listen to. Definitely have no idea how it even ended up on the list. I mean, I never even heard of the song or the artist until I saw this list. - tonyb500

I think this is overrated also, but I wouldn't say it completely sucks. "Speak to Me", "I Feel It Coming", and "Praying" are better to be honest. - DCfnaf

There have been songs this year that have made me want to dance for joy, but this is the only one that has truly shattered me. Phil's reminiscence on his time with Geneviève is brilliant and his vulnerable vocals quiver to a shaky accoustic arrangement that only continues to keep packing in the emotion that is his real life story. If any story deserves to be heard in a song this year, it's this one.

You gotta be kidding? What about Shape of u? Something just like this? that's what I like?

Okay. I'm with you on disliking this song. But Shape Of You? Really?...no. - tonyb500