Sign of the Times - Harry Styles


Not only is this song the best of 2017, it might have an argument for best song of the decade. A stark departure from the pop-oriented sound of One Direction, Styles draws influence from Bowie and Queen to make a song that's the soundtrack to today's world, a song that defies what it means to live in a Brexit-era Britain and today's divided America. The poetry and political awareness of this song is beautiful and unlike anything I've heard in today's Pop Music. Listening to this song reminded me of something Bob Dylan would have sung in the 60s. This song is without a doubt the best song of the year and will go down as a classic.

Much better than Zayn and Niall. The electric guitar really suits Harry well. 8/10 - NiktheWiz

This song is truly a masterpiece. Harry styles is making music that matters rather than repetitive pop music. Why this isn't #1 I'm not sure but it rightly deserves that spot.

This song has a strong meaning, better than all of the trash that is currently populating the billboard. It should also be back at #1, the song has way better vocals than "Praying." - LydiaS001

So magnificent, his music makes me travel in an another world. How can a human being can be that awesome? My vagina is crying

I loathe one direction but Harry Styles has definitely won me over as a solo artist. Excellent song and excellent album. - GrimmShady

This song is really good, it might not be something you except from Harry but it's good. Very emotional and meaningful. - ivylee

Eh, better than ZAYN, on par with Niall, and inferior to Louis. Hm. 3/5 - ProPanda

This is the only song that was actually decent this year.

To be honest this is probably one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard - pjo

The sound really reminds me of "learning to fly" from Pink Floyd. Great song

Glad to see it back at 1 I still love praying too

Amy Lee's voice is painful, She is a good piano player but a horrible singer. This deserves number 2, right behind Praying. - 445956

I don't think One Direction is good at all, but this song is actually really good! The electric guitar is amazing, plus this song is inspired from David Bowie, like Wonkey said. I give this an 11/10. - Cartoonfan202

Definitely the best song of this year so far!

Amazing solo debut from the young Styles.

The best song ever and I'm blessed I will here this song live - peachygemini

Yeah, this song is epic. Not a 1D fan but I am definitely into Harry Styles now thanks to this. That electric guitar and the emotion are both awesome. - DCfnaf

How is kesha above this lol wHAT

How is this real. Harry making an indie/Queen-esque song? Even Anthony "Melon" (best teeth) Fantano himself claimed that this song is very good. I'm having trouble believing this. - djpenquin999

Easily best newcomer of the year. And also why isn't aren't any of the new songs from galantis here!

More like sign of one direction made you. #simoncowellmadeyou

Finally above the homosexual Britney Spears(Kesha)! This song reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd, notablly the song "learning to fly".

I'm not gonna get upset over you having a different opinion than me about which song is better, but I think you should try to be more respectful. Especially considering how Kesha's changed for the better. She's not the same girl that made "Tik Tok" and "Blah Blah Blah", and that's a good thing. - tonyb500

I am amazed I love Harry styles from 1 directionn I have been their since 2011 I love Harry! But I was not expecting him to release this! At all! I love it his voice sounds relaxing and calm the beat the drums are amazing and the guitar is also amazing this and kiwi were the best it sad that this flopped out of zayn's, nialls Liam's and Louis flopped to with back to you Harry and louis were the best but they flopped because their not about sex :( I give this a 9.5/10

I have always been a Onedirectioner and when my sister told me that Harry Style's new song came on I told her to play it right now. I fell in love with his music.

He is a great artist and works very hard.