Weekly Mediatraffic Chart Ranked (Week 6, 2018)

Now that 2018 has been taking steps in the right direction, let's see how the Mediatraffic chart has fared recently. Here's the link to the chart. http://www.mediatraffic.de/tracks-week06-2018.htm


40.) Shape of You - Ed n' Eddy: Honestly, this and Body Like a Back Road should've swapped places on that YE ranking. That's not saying much since they were both one spot apart for being the same song.


39.) Thunder - Fake IDs: At least with all the other songs that made the bottom 10 on my YE ranking of 2017, I could at least see an appeal one way or another. This song has none outside of being commercial fodder.

38.) Despa**ito - Two Spanish Men and Justin Bieber: Who thought it was a good idea for Justin Bieber to sing a song that he can't even sing the lyrics of live?


37.) The Middle - Not Jimmy Eat World: Forget remaking stay; who thought it was a good idea to have Maren Morris do a vocal pitch spike in the hook?

36.) Walk It Talk It - Migos ft. Drake: yawn.

35.) I Fall Apart - Post Office Malone: yawn.

34.) I Miss You - Clean Bandit ft. Issues: Symphony >>>>>>. Also, Julia needs to take vocal lessons.

33.) River - M&M ft. ED SHRN: I'm really getting tired of Ed Sheeran.

32.) Imperfect - Edward whether it's with Beyonce and Andrea Bocelli or not: the latter two deserve better than this.

31.) Put the Blame on Me - Luis Fonsi ft. Demi Lovato: Talk about unfinished.


30.) Meant to Be - Baby Rexha ft. Cruisers: This has no business being anywhere near the country charts. Even as a pop song, it's still really messy. The hook is OK though.

29.) Never Be the Same - Not Taylor Swift: Camila's high pitch is just way too distracting and it's reminiscent to some of her worst moments with Fifth Harmony.

28.) Too Good at Goodbyes - Adele when slowed down: Not only are the lyrics really questionable, but Sam Smith's under-enunciation also get in the way of the otherwise solid production.

27.) What About Us - Red + White: Such a huge disappointment from the woman who wrote Dear Mr. President, a close contender for her best song. Thankfully, the album turned out to be an improvement over The Truth About Love.

26.) Bad at Love - Ashley: I would've expected a song like this to be really groanworthy, but instead, it doesn't affect me.

25.) God's Plan - Aubrey Graham: From the title, I was expecting something more than just another run of the mill Drake song. I guess that's what I got for expecting Drake to step up his game on a #1 hit.

24.) Filthy - A Man of the Woods: Hey, this isn't the country project that we were all anticipating! Sidenote: why did the general public wait until four years (let alone over a decade) to mob on Justin Timberlake? And that's coming from someone who never followed Justin's celebrity life (although I still remember him grave-robbing Michael Jackson).


23.) Topaz Love - Kinki Kids: Live show was fine, but I can't find the studio version, so I guess I should stick with this.

22.) Wolves - Selena Gomez & the Marshmallows: That hook is great, but if the drop is supposed to represent a wolf howling, then that is one of the weakest howls I've ever heard.

21.) Him & I - I prefer You & I: Bad Things, the OK version and without a sample of a classic song to butcher.

20.) What Lovers Do - Adam Levine ft. SZA: This would've been in the good tier if the lyrics weren't so lazy.

19.) Dusk Till Dawn- Night Till Day: Verses are bland, hook is pretty good.

18,) You Make It Easy - Jason Aldean: That guitar solo... isn't half bad.

17.) Rapstar - Post Office Malone ft. A Popstar: Rapstar really would be a more accurate name for this.

16.) Let You Down - Poor Man's Eminem: Great pitch-shifting, and it's interesting to see a Christian hip hop song on the charts, but that's about all this has.


15.) Stir Fry - Mis Amigos: Best Migos song I've heard recently (almost). Still not gonna listen to that album.

14.) IDGAF - Dua Lipa: Not the best way to follow up New Rules, but I'll take it.

13.) Feel It Still - Mexico. The Muchacho: The more I listen to this song, the more it sounds A LOT like a car commercial anthem, but hey, at least it's well-produced for such.

12.) Beautiful Trauma - Rosado: After an underwhelming lead single, P!nk has finally released her best single since Just Give Me a Reason.

11.) Say Something - A Man of the Woods ft. Country Music's Savior: From the hype beforehand, I was really hoping to give this a 10/10, and I am thrilled for Chris Stapleton that he got his first top 10 hit, but this really should've been so much better.

10.) This Is Me - The Greatest Showman: If this and a few others are what to expect from the soundtrack, I might have to give it a listen.

9.) MotorSport - Versace Guys ft. Cardi B and Nicole: If this were just Cardi, this would be a lot higher.

8.) How Long - Pushpaste: This is by far Charlie Puth's best song, and if the album can prove me wrong, then it might be enough to forgive Nine Track Mind.

7.) New Rules - Dua Lipa: Clunky drop aside, this is a well-constructed break-up song from a refreshing female artist on the rise.

6.) Anywhere - Rita Ora: Ngl, I am starting to really like Rita Ora. With her releases after Your Song (which has shrunk on me to be mediocre), she's been incorporating more personality into her music and that buildup is legendary. Shame the drop pulls an It Ain't Me and resorts to stuttering vocals.

5.) Fitness - Runo Saturn ft. Cardi Bartier: tfw when a duet improves this song by a lot. Then again, this is one of Cardi B's best performances, which is a feat within itself.


4.) For You - Liam Pain & Rita Oreo: Liam's performance is pretty bland, but Rita Ora absolutely nails the sultriness and that synths are among the tightest of the year in mainstream pop. Even with this being great, Fifty Shades needs to go away.

3.) No Limit - G-Eazy's best song because of everyone else but him: Once again, Cardi B strikes us with her goddess-like verse. This would be a 10 without G-Eazy.

2.) Camila - Havana Brown ft. Jeffery: Normally, I would've been somewhat upset that this didn't hit #1 earlier, but hey, it really goes to show how much of an improvement 2018 is shaping up to be.

1.) LOVE. - K.Dot ft. Zacari: Even though DAMN. was a step down from To Pimp a Butterfly and good kid, M.A.A.D city, this is still darn amazing song that is up there with DNA. as the best on the album.

Score: 108/200 (54%). Man, we are off to a good start. Fun fact: every good tier entry on here is an 8/10. Let's keep up the good work.


Not gonna bother with jokes.

40. Shape of You
39. Thunder

38. I Fall Apart
37. The Middle
36. Despacito
35. Never Be The Same
34. Walk It Talk It
33. What About Us
32. River

31. I Miss You
30. God's Plan
29. Let You Down

28. Filthy
27. Wolves
26. Perfect
25. Echame la Culpa
24. This is Me
23. Meant to Be
22. How Long
21. For You
20. Say Something
19. Anywhere
18. Bad at Love

17. Topaz Love
16. Too Good at Goodbyes
15. Motorsport
14. Beautiful Trauma
13. rockstar

12. You Make it Easy
11. LOVE.
10. Stir Fry
9. Dusk Dill Dawn (shut up)
8. Him and I (shut up [2])
7. Feel It Still

6. What Lovers Do
5. Finesse
4. No Limit
3. New Rules
2. Havana

TOTAL: 92/200, or 46%. Pretty bad but not horrible compared to others. It seems like Mediatraffic is still reeling from the effects of 2017. - WonkeyDude98

Yep, especially since Ed Sheeran is way more successful overseas than he is in the U.S. - NiktheWiz

40. I Fall Apart
39. Let You Down
38. No Limit
37. Beautiful Trauma
36. Meant To Be
35. Bad At Love
34. For You
33. What About Us
32. Shape Of You
30. Him and I
29. Anywhere
28. Never Be The Same
27. You Make It Easy
26. I have no idea what Topaz Love is
25. Perfect
24. I Miss You
23. This Is Me
22. Walk It Talk It
21. Motorsport (wow this shrunk on me)
20. rockstar
19. Too Good At Goodbyes
18. Dusk Till Dawn
17. God's Plan
16. Say Something
15. Despacito
14. Thunder
13. Feel It Still (as did this)
12. Filthy
11. Stir Fry
10. Wolves
9. Havana
8. Echame La Culpa
7. What Lovers Do
6. LOVE.
5. River
4. New Rules
3. How Long
2. The Middle
1. Finesse

Score: 103/200

once the 2017 hits die out, this year is not looking good - ProPanda