Ranking the Billboard Hot 100 Top 20: September 8, 2018

allamassal Hi! It's allamassal and welcome to my first Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 ranking! Songs in each tier are sorted from worst to best, and the titles are formatted as they are on the radio in the car I ride in.

6ix9ine / Nicki Minaj: Fefe
I never thought 6ix9ine would get a top 5 hit, but he did, proving we're getting closer to the official death of music. The lyrics in this song are horrible, but at least 6ix9ine isn't screaming anymore.

Drake: In My Feelings
Wow, the 2nd worst song on the chart has been #1 for 8 weeks. There's barely any beat in this song, Drake sounds robotic as usual, and the girl in the middle part sounds AWFUL. I would rather listen to What About Us another zillion times than hear this again.

Drake: Nonstop
This song sounds almost as bad as In My Feelings (only not quite as annoying), and the song overall sounds very static-y. Thank God this isn't on the radio.

YG / 2 Chainz / Big Sean & Nicki Minaj: Big Bank
The lyrics in this song are awful, and somehow this is even worse than the average mainstream rap song. YG's voice sounds pretty mediocre, and 2 Chainz is even worse. Big Sean is tolerable though, but don't even get me started on Nicki Minaj's part.

Drake / Lil Baby: Yes Indeed
Just another song that sounds like a typical garbage rap song with bad lyrics and two rappers who sound terrible on this song.

Cardi B / Bad Bunny & J Balvin: I Like It
Before I get run over by a mob of angry fans, this song has an annoying beat, Cardi B sounds annoying like she usually does, and J Balvin also sounds awful. I respect if you like this song, but for me, there isn't really anything redeeming about it.

BAD (1/5)
Tyga / Offset: Taste
This song sounds like a typical mainstream rap song, and Tyga's voice sounds awful, and Offset sounds even worse (they actually sound very similar!) The lyrics are pretty bad too.

Post Malone / Ty Dolla $ign: Psycho
This song sounds just like any other mainstream song that lacks charisma and pretty much anything else that makes a song good.

Travis Scott / Drake / Swae Lee: Sicko Mode
I am listening to this song as I type this. When I heard the intro, I thought it was going to be a good song, but after that, it turned out to be just like every other mainstream hip hop song.

MEH (2/5)
DJ Khaled / Justin Bieber / Chance the Rapper: No Brainer
Another song that just sounds like typical mainstream pop, plus the beat sounds a lot like the Somebody song from a few years ago, and that song is better than this.

BTS / Nicki Minaj: Idol
This is actually pretty decent K-pop combined with mainstream rap garbage.

Juice WRLD: Lucid Dreams
This song has a good beat (and I like those chords), but the vocals prevent me from really liking it.

DECENT (3/5)
Maroon 5 / Cardi B: Girls Like You
This song is still kind of catchy, but is even more bland than Wait. It's still fine though, except for the rap part that makes me want to change the radio station.

Post Malone: Better Now
This is much better than his other two songs which were quite bland. This song is actually quite catchy, and the ending is pretty nice. This isn't bad for a Post Malone song.

Khalid / Normani: Love Lies
This song has a good beat and a somewhat catchy chorus, and I think it's growing on me.

Ariana Grande: God is a Woman
This song is also growing on me because of Ariana Grande's vocals. The beat's also pretty good.

GOOD (4/5)
Ella Mai: Boo'd Up
The lyrics, melody, and vocals in this song are actually quite good. The beat isn't that good, but still, a weak 4/5 will do.

Selena Gomez: Back to You
This song is very catchy, the lyrics are good, and Selena Gomez actually sounds good here. This song is stuck in my head, and I can't get it out of it!

GREAT (5/5)
5 Seconds of Summer: Youngblood
I used to be meh about this song because the chorus sounded melodically repetitive, but now I find it catchy in a good way, and this song has grown on me a lot. The verses sound especially good.

Ariana Grande: No Tears Left To Cry
I didn't like this song when it first came out in April, but I started to like it juts a few weeks later. The beat in this song is irresistible, and while the vocals in the chorus can be a bit annoying at times, I still like her voice on this song.


The fact that only 4 songs in the top 20 are 4/5 or 5/5, while nearly half of the top 20 is 0/5 or 1/5 says something about today's mainstream music. - allamassal