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1 Across Endless Dimensions - Dimash Kudaibergen Across Endless Dimensions - Dimash Kudaibergen Cover Art

I'm sure many people think Dimash is overrated and that his songs shouldn't be this high. To those people, that's respectable, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. But what people shouldn't be doing is denying facts. Such as the fact that Dimash is one of the best vocalists ever. Impressively, he never uses autotune and has been professionally training his voice for about 20 years. This song may not have the best lyrics or music, but it is definitely the most well sang all in thanks to Dimash. People in general find very well sang songs to be the best. Although it is not his best cover, it's my favorite of 2020. I really recommend to anyone who hasn't heard Dimash, to listen to one of his covers and to research more on him. As you can probably see, many people have already given their recommendations and some info on him (myself included). I would watch his covers of Diva Dance, Daybreak, or Sinful Passion.

Saying Dimash Kudaibergen is a great singer is an understatement of the century. Dimash is the vocals of the generation of great artist. His vocals are one of a kind and unlike no other. This man has 6 Octaves and he can pull off any song with no effort. He can make you feel things like no other has. To this day I still have goosebumps after he sings. This song in incredible he pulls it off so nicely. This song is one of this best works and I'm happy for him. He is the king of vocals!

Dimash is the only singer in the world who I love and consistently listen to everyday. Never has happened before in my 71 years. I am thoroughly addicted. Dimash has the largest world-wide fan base imaginable, and has fan clubs in over 120 countries with his largest fan base in China. People that do not know Dimash should not under-estimate him. His Dears (fans) are avid supporters and a force that adores him, promotes him, and protects him. He is a national treasure of his country, Kazakhstan, and an ambassador to all countries he visits. Dimash a is highly educated singer and composer—and sings in 12 languages and plays around 6-7 instruments. Dimash is highly deserving of this and all other awards he wins.

One of Dimash's best songs. And the best song of 2020. What can I say that hasn't already been said? No one even comes close to Dimash vocals wise. Not Whitney, not Mariah, not David Phelps, not MJ, not Elvis, no one. In my opinion Dimash is the greatest vocalist ever. For some people who have never heard of him, I highly recommend listening to his covers of Sinful Passion, Hello, and the song that introduced me as well as most others to him, SOS.

2 Godzilla - Eminem Godzilla - Eminem Cover Art

How is stupid Dimash Kudaibergen above this? He sucks and he's untalented. You can hate me all you want you sad, sad, fans, but Godzilla is WAY better than this crap

This hit featured Juice WRLD I think a couple of weeks before he bit the dust. You are always going to be the greatest, Juice WRLD. ToT

This track slaps so hard.

It may have some dumb lyrics and Juice WRLD shouldn't be exploited, but Marshall had already taken his audio before he died anyway.

Because of that 40 seconds flamethrower at the end, catchy beat, a decent chorus from Jarrad, and of course Hey, fray ajajajaj, I have to give a vote to this.

Definitely recommend it.

As much as I hate how many mainstream artists are using Juice WRLD's dead voice as a way to sell more tracks, this song is str8 fire.
Eminem was smoother here than he was in Rap God. The lyrics are a meh, but the beat is unique, Juice WRLD does a good job on the choruses and Marshall SLAMS on the final delivery. Definitely worth the listen.

3 Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne Cover Art

We let WAP become a number 1 hit but this didn't even come close to touching the charts. This lyrics are simple yet introspective and powerful coming from Ozzy & Elton. Slash on guitar, Duff McKagan on bass, & Chad Smith on drums for a rock ballad I mean come on

Already commented on this and I'm not gonna talk about why this song isn't first on this list, but this is probably the most honest song Ozzy has ever written. He doesn't want to die an ordinary man. The guitar solo is great as well and is actually played by Slash of Guns N Roses.

I mean this guy is a musical legend he's still going strong and gives it his all, this is someone who respects what they do and loves what they do. This is who we should be calling a legend because he's had a big impact on music and influenced other bands in his time.

Trust us Ozzy, I don't even like Black Sabbath,
Or care for a lot of your music

But your latest album, 'Ordinary Man' was fantastic! the title track is a ballad that features ELTON FREAKING JOHN on it!

Your words have been heard Ozzy. You will NOT die an ordinary man.

4 Physical - Dua Lipa Physical - Dua Lipa Cover Art

Don't Stop Now and Break my Heart are great, but this song is just sheer pop magic. Most of Future Nostalgia is in general. Best song on the album along with Hallucinate.

This might be better than "Don't Start Now" yet probably won't be half the hit that "Don't Start Now" has been. Looking forward to that album, Dua.

Am I the only one that doesn't like this song? The chorus feels so underwhelming and bland.

Love this song is my favorite Dua lipa song, also totally recommend the music video!

5 Rain on Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Rain on Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Cover Art

To be really honest, I did not expect this to do as well as it's currently doing now amongst the trap songs that have taken over. Hopefully it's a sign that we'll have more of a variety of songs playing on the radio and in the charts. We've got Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles just to name a few that are all making feel good pop records. They all have managed to chart very high on Billboard charts in the past few months. I have nothing against trap music, but it's about time we have a variety of songs in the charts as well otherwise things become really boring and repetitive.

Lady Gaga basically brought the pop side of Ariana out again with this one, it works really well considering they both have completely different tones to their voices to one another. They actually complement each other and that 90s house inspired instrumental is so nice to hear, but it has a modern feel to it, and they got the music video right. I like the whole futuristic atmosphere and the chemistry between them. A refreshing to hear on the radio lately.

It's new but with everything about it, it's safe to say this may officially be the best song of 2020. Perhaps the best of the century in the pop genre. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande SLAYED at their collab & lyrics. The beat is a classic DJ deep house type that takes us back to the good days of music & is well paced for such an iconic song. It broke the internet & is all over worldwide news, proving this is a song quite like no other. This just may be Lady Gaga's & Ariana Grande's best song in history. It reached #1 on U.S. iTunes in just 62 minutes (2nd fastest in 2020 only behind Stupid Love which took 48 minutes to reach #1 there). To say Hung Up is Madonna's best dance pop song is like saying this is Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande's best Dance pop song & collab together. Now don't get me wrong. Poker Face, Bad Romance Born This Way & Edge of Glory are hits in their own ways & Stupid Love went up too, but this is a true competitor to them & we may have never had quite such an anticipated ...more

This is what pop should be. No whining about how the opposite gender is bad towards you, no overblown synths, not overtly sexual, and is a very fun an upbeat ballad-like song.

6 No Time to Die - Billie Eilish No Time to Die - Billie Eilish Cover Art

Now, people don't like Billie Eilish because her songs are depressing, but that's just her style and the way she sings. There is nothing bad about it. This song was really great. Especially with that short violin solo. I am to not a huge fan of Billie Eilish, but the thing about her is how well she sings and how well she describes her songs.

My Future is great, but this is Billie's best single of the year. Probably her best single in general, alongside Everything I Wanted. Though there's also Bury a Friend and When the Party's Over... It's hard to decide. I'm like a kid in a dark, spider-infested candy store. Billie just keeps giving us quality and I'm all for it.

At first, I was kind of hesitant when I heard Billie Eilish was doing the newest Bond theme, but after hearing it, I totally get why they chose her. This is the best I've heard her sound in a while and those Hans Zimmer orchestral bits add to that trademark Finneas production that give off that signature Bond theme atmosphere.

Definitely not a fan of Eilish, but she did a good job on this song. It might not be favourite Bond soundtrack but it still fits to the Bond theme

7 Momentary Bliss - Gorillaz Momentary Bliss - Gorillaz Cover Art

This track is everything one would love about Gorillaz.

I waited so long for them to come back!

This song is a banger.

Been waiting for their comeback since clint eastwood and bang their back with a great song

8 Break My Heart - Dua Lipa Break My Heart - Dua Lipa Cover Art

This song was put on the wrong list. Shoulda been put on Top Ten most annoying songs of 2020.
I can't stand it. how can you people still call this a work of art?
Instead call "it a work that should've never made it onto any radio station"

After "New Rules," "Don't Start Now," and now this, I have a feeling we won't be forgetting Dua Lipa's contribution to the modern music scene any time soon.

I'm not a fan of her her music for some reason it isn't connecting with me but this one I really like it the bass line is amazing.

Dua Lipa interpolates INXS hit "Need You Tonight" for this sparkly disco pop song and it just works so damn well.

9 The Dawn - Dance With the Dead The Dawn - Dance With the Dead Cover Art

This song is from a three-song EP Blackout. All three are awesome, but this is the best one. It's so awesome.

10 Megawave - Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd Megawave - Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd Cover Art

This song and the album it's on is absolutely amazing. Dana Jean Phoenix really outdid herself and Powernerd is fantastic on here as well. Also, did I inadvertently add the songs on my remix to this list? I've been finding the songs on my remix on here and I didn't directly add them.

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? Dirt on the Name of Steven - Zheani Dirt on the Name of Steven - Zheani Cover Art
? Restless Generation - Midnight Danger Restless Generation - Midnight Danger Cover Art
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11 Catastrophist - Trivium Catastrophist - Trivium Cover Art

Great album from Trivium, good song.

12 Faith - The Weeknd Faith - The Weeknd Cover Art

The Weeknd hired some great producers for "After Hours", yes we all know this but shall I say it again?
The production in this song is flat-out amazing, from the instrumentation in the beginning to the gloomy outro.
Emphasis on that outro.
I'd also like to mention the lyrical content of this song, where he connects him being high to "losing his faith". Definitely something worth checking out, and as of rn I have no idea if he's gonna release this as a single but it'd be pretty cool if he did, just curious as to how people will respond to the last minute and a half.
But anyways, this is one of the best tracks off the album, deserves more attention in my opinion. 11/10

Just like Can't Feel My Face, Abel does another song about how a drug (cocaine) addiction is ruining his life.
Instead of sounding deceivingly upbeat he does a heavy song that I just love to listen to.
It gives me Lost in the Fire flashbacks.

Faith is the Weeknd's acknowledgement of what drugs will do. It becomes as strong and as terrible and losing ones personal beliefs and religion to addiction.

This very dark.
So glad this is high up, but where is Save Your Tears, Hardest to Love, After Hours and the other great songs for Abel's latest album?

13 Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art

Best song of 2020 easily. Greatly saddens me that it's just 13. Most of it'd probably just be TOP bias, but still, this song brightened up a lot of 2020.

Obviously my Twenty One Pilots bias will force me to vote this song, but it's still great regardless. Glad to see this song pushed them back into decent chart success, even if temporarily.

Didn't really expect TOP to release a half-pop song, but overall this works out pretty well in my opinion -- the beat's solid throughout and the bassline's pretty cool. While the lyrics are a bit questionable and generic, they're still good enough for TOP I guess. This is far from being their best song, but if this becomes a big hit I'll surely be happy for them. 8/10

Love this song! Definitely what we all needed with everything going on. Even better if you watch the music video with it. 10/10. Hopefully people won't overplay this on the radio, like most of Twenty One Pilots' other best songs.

14 Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Cover Art

This is definitely my favorite Dua Lipa songs. It's also my favorite song on one of my favorite pop albums (that being Future Nostalgia). While this came out in 2019, it is certainly one of my favorite songs of all time.

Her best since "New Rules," this song truly solidifies Dua Lipa is the ranks of the best pop singers out there.

Another disaster, and not in a nice good way.

This song is good, but it's from 2019.

15 Fall from Grace - Paradise Lost Fall from Grace - Paradise Lost Cover Art

The iconical guitar sound tells you Paradise Lost is here and a feeling of desolation follows. You simply cannot pull it out of your brain's daily soundtrack. It's an anthem of these pandemic times.

16 Addict - Silva Hound Addict - Silva Hound Cover Art

I really love this song and it is really catchy and this song deserves more attention than it has in their own fandom.

17 Run - Joji Run - Joji Cover Art

This is literally Joji's best song yet. I cannot believe this is the same guy who made the In Tongues EP. This is phenomenal!

I can't wait for whatever Joji does this year. This song is great! That guitar solo at the end is just the best.

I am not a big Joji fan by any means (his ballads 1 album was meh, and Sanctuary was passable) but this is the best song of the year.

That guitar riff is one of my favorite moments of 2020's music. Keep it up Frank, I mean George.

18 Get Your Wish - Porter Robinson Get Your Wish - Porter Robinson Cover Art

Porter Robinson is my favorite EDM artist (barely ahead of deadmau5 and TheFatRat) and he delivered here in his first self named release in 5 years.
He has always had the ability to make Japanese style electronica projects work out and here is a superb example.
I don't like this as much as Mirror, but we all know this song is something special.

Welcome back Porter as you return from your Virtual Self. 👍


I love this song so much! It feels like the natural progression of Porter Robinson's music. This is much more personal and real than anything on Worlds, and I'm all for it. I can't wait for Porter's new album!

This song is beautifully gorgeous. Can't wait for Nurture to drop.

Looks like Virtual Self has gone into a permanent hibernation.

19 Darkness - Eminem Darkness - Eminem Cover Art

Definitely brave of Eminem to tackle such a recent tragedy like this, but it is a really good song

20 The Eyes of Darkness - Midnight Danger The Eyes of Darkness - Midnight Danger Cover Art
21 Say So - Doja Cat Say So - Doja Cat Cover Art

This is honestly something that's really needed in addition to songs like Blinding Lights & Don't Start Now considering all the lame hip-hop/rap songs bombarding the charts for the past few years. It's a pretty fun song in my opinion, I don't really care that it ripped off Fiona Coyne's "Skylar Spence" because Doja Cat fits well with the fun beat and guitar. All in all, it's alright. 6/10

If you know a lot about mainstream music, you'll know that Dr Luke produced this song so it explains why it's a catchy pop music. He's credited under a different name. He's one of the many top producers in pop music, and as you can see he has a bad reputation now which affects whether people will like the music he produces.

I take back everything I said about this song earlier.
I love this song.
And it's honestly not close enough to Fiona Coyne to be total plagiarism or anything. I apologize for my harsh accusation.

I don't know any other songs on this list other than this so I can't instantly say it deserves to be in the top three... Still, the songs above it better be pretty dang good because Say so is catchy and a great song.

22 Supalonely - BENEE Supalonely - BENEE Cover Art

So relatable in 2020, and paints an interesting portrait of someone whose loneliness has damaged their self-image and created a sorrowful complacency.

This is one of my favorite songs atm. During quarantine, I felt lonely because I can't hang out with anyone.

23 After Hours - The Weeknd After Hours - The Weeknd Cover Art

Very experimental song, I love how it transitions and the beat kicks in. I'd love to hear this in the club.

This is hauntingly chilling on a creepy level.

24 Levitating - Dua Lipa Levitating - Dua Lipa Cover Art

This is the only good song that I like. The rest are disasters.

The best song on the album In my opinion.

25 Speed Me Up - Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Sueco the Child & Lil Yachty Speed Me Up - Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Sueco the Child & Lil Yachty Cover Art
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