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1 Across Endless Dimensions - Dimash Kudaibergen Across Endless Dimensions - Dimash Kudaibergen Cover Art

The best song- epic. Definitely material for Academy award for the best original song in a movie

What can I say about Dimash Kudaibergen? Words are not enough to describe what an incredible singer he is. I've never heard a voice like his before. There's nothing he can't do with it. You have to hear it to believe it.

Saying Dimash Kudaibergen is a great singer is an understatement of the century. Dimash is the vocals of the generation of great artist. His vocals are one of a kind and unlike no other. This men has 6 Octaves and he can pull off any song with no effort. He can make you feel things like no other has. To this day I still have goosebumps after he sings. This song in incredible he pulls it off so nicely. This song is one of this best works and I'm happy for him. He is the king of vocals!

A man wrote "who is the best singer of the world" on google, and found Dimash. He sang this song. Now it is the best song of the world.

2 Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne Cover Art

I think I have my biggest pick for this year. It's easily this one.

Pretty impressive for a 71 yr old. Ozzy's voice sounds a bit weird and auto-tunish on here but the epic guitar solo compensated for it.

This is pretty good. Much better than Bieber.

It's 2020 and you people are still ragging on Bieber for the sake of ragging on Bieber. Can you at least rag on someone more topical?

I mean this guy is a musical legend he’s still going strong and gives it his all, this is someone who respects what they do and loves what they do. This is who we should be calling a legend because he’s had a big impact on music and influenced other bands in his time.

3 Godzilla - Eminem Godzilla - Eminem Cover Art

Great beat and amazing rapping. Some of the lyrics are a bit stupid, but the rest of the track is so good those few lines can be easily overlooked

Awesome song that you can listen to again and again, and have fun just trying to keep up while singing along!

Eminem's third verse on the track holds the record for his fastest rap verse, rapping 10.65 syllables per second, or 224 words in 30 seconds.

This is just a great song with clever lyrics and an extremely catchy beat and hook from Juice Wrld. Em's final verse is absolutely amazing. This album is his best since The Eminem Show in my opinion.

4 Momentary Bliss - Gorillaz Momentary Bliss - Gorillaz Cover Art

I waited so long for them to come back!

This song is a banger.

Love this one

Nice melody that's leads into slowthai.

5 Physical - Dua Lipa Physical - Dua Lipa Cover Art

This might be better than "Don't Start Now" yet probably won't be half the hit that "Don't Start Now" has been. Looking forward to that album, Dua.

Even better than the already incredible "Don't Start Now" shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year

Love this song is my favorite Dua lipa song, also totally recommend the music video!

My second favorite song from Future Nostalgia, after Break My Heart.

6 Simmer - Hayley Williams Simmer - Hayley Williams Cover Art

It's hard to believe that this is the same person who was rocking out in a Flyers T-Shirt 15 years ago. I typically don't listen to music like this but Hayley absolutely killed it. It took me a bit to get into the song (mainly because I had no idea what to expect and I was getting used to it and Hayley's new direction) but by the time the final chorus hit, I had been won over. The song has such a foreboding groove to it and Hayley's vocals are top notch. We've been used to hearing the raw power in her voice for years but this song proved that she can pull off quiet and sensual as well. This woman never ceases to amaze me. I can't wait for the whole album to come out.

I'm not a Paramore/Hayley Williams fan, but I really like this song. I also like the other songs from Petals for Armor.

So this grew on me a bit over the last few days. Really like it a lot.

I really like this song, it's creative, energetic, and amazing all around. Hayley's vocals are stellar here. The music video is definitely weird though ngl.

7 The Dawn - Dance With the Dead The Dawn - Dance With the Dead Cover Art

This song is from a three-song EP Blackout. All three are awesome, but this is the best one. It's so awesome.

8 Megawave - Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd Megawave - Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd Cover Art

This song and the album it's on is absolutely amazing. Dana Jean Phoenix really outdid herself and Powernerd is fantastic on here as well. Also, did I inadvertently add the songs on my remix to this list? I've been finding the songs on my remix on here and I didn't directly add them.

9 Get Your Wish - Porter Robinson Get Your Wish - Porter Robinson Cover Art

I love this song so much! It feels like the natural progression of Porter Robinson's music. This is much more personal and real than anything on Worlds, and I'm all for it. I can't wait for Porter's new album!

@coral they put Something Comforting above this song on their remix lol

After six years. This masterpiece was released.

6 years later. He came back for another amazing song :)

10 Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art

Didn't really expect TOP to release a half-pop song, but overall this works out pretty well in my opinion -- the beat's solid throughout and the bassline's pretty cool. While the lyrics are a bit questionable and generic, they're still good enough for TOP I guess. This is far from being their best song, but if this becomes a big hit I'll surely be happy for them. 8/10

Love this song! Definitely what we all needed with everything going on. Even better if you watch the music video with it. 10/10. Hopefully people won't overplay this on the radio, like most of Twenty One Pilots' other best songs.

Yes ordinary man is a good song, but this is the best song of the year!

We don't need another isolation/coronavirus song, this one works just fine for me. Great stuff from TOP

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? Almanac - Purity Ring Almanac - Purity Ring Cover Art
? Femia - Purity Ring Femia - Purity Ring Cover Art

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11 Say So - Doja Cat Say So - Doja Cat Cover Art

Gets better with every listen. If only more pop songs were like this.

Such a well produced pop song, reminds me of the early 2010s pop music.

This is honestly something that's really needed in addition to songs like Blinding Lights & Don't Start Now considering all the lame hip-hop/rap songs bombarding the charts for the past few years. It's a pretty fun song in my opinion, I don't really care that it ripped off Fiona Coyne's "Skylar Spence" because Doja Cat fits well with the fun beat and guitar. All in all, it's alright. 6/10

I don't know any other songs on this list other than this so I can't instantly say it deserves to be in the top three... Still, the songs above it better be pretty dang good because Say so is catchy and a great song.

12 33rd Trombone Attacc - Lil Mosquito Disease 33rd Trombone Attacc - Lil Mosquito Disease Cover Art

Surprisingly one of the best trap metal songs of the year so far.

Dimash is the best singer

Unironically great.

13 Speed Me Up - Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Sueco the Child & Lil Yachty Speed Me Up - Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Sueco the Child & Lil Yachty Cover Art

It's an amazing song and it's in an amazing movie

14 Catastrophist - Trivium Catastrophist - Trivium Cover Art
15 Fall from Grace - Paradise Lost Fall from Grace - Paradise Lost Cover Art
16 Faith - The Weeknd Faith - The Weeknd Cover Art

The Weeknd hired some great producers for "After Hours", yes we all know this but shall I say it again?
The production in this song is flat-out amazing, from the instrumentation in the beginning to the gloomy outro.
Emphasis on that outro.
I'd also like to mention the lyrical content of this song, where he connects him being high to "losing his faith". Definitely something worth checking out, and as of rn I have no idea if he's gonna release this as a single but it'd be pretty cool if he did, just curious as to how people will respond to the last minute and a half.
But anyways, this is one of the best tracks off the album, deserves more attention in my opinion. 11/10

Easily the best thing 2020 has to offer. The production is beautiful here and the outro is easily one of his best. After Hours is easily the best album of the year and this is my favourite song of it. The way the gloominess emphasizes on everything is brilliant too. 6/5

EDIT: Best song was gonna be Blinding Lights but it was from 2019 lol my bad.

The Weeknd has got to be one of the best R&B artists of today. He’s got an amazing voice, and he somehow always brings something fresh to the table every time.

This is almost as good as Blinding Lights.

17 Sick of the Sun - Poppy Sick of the Sun - Poppy Cover Art

I've been absolutely obsessed with this song for the entirety of 2020. While the rest of I Disagree was fantastic, (and it's in competition with WOMB currently for my AOTY) this song is just... something else.

Maybe it's the indie reverb-heavy guitar sound that addicts me, maybe it's Poppy's HAUNTINGLY beautiful vocal performance, maybe it's the intricate chord progression, most likely it's the depressing lyrics about heavy suicidal idealization that I resonate with WAY too much, maybe it's how ridiculously catchy and overall enjoyable it is,
But whatever the case and whatever keeps it as one of my most regularly-streamed songs on Spotify, it's far and away my SOTY, and more than likely will be my SOTD.

Here's to hoping Poppy releases more gems in the future! :D

18 Power - Ellie Goulding Power - Ellie Goulding Cover Art

This might be the best thing that Ellie has done since "Burn", this song is solid.

19 Leave It Alone - Hayley Williams Leave It Alone - Hayley Williams Cover Art

Another great slow burner by the Paramore singer. Looks like a pretty promising year for her. Stay tuned for her upcoming album "Petals for Armor" releasing this May.

20 Blinding Lights - The Weeknd Blinding Lights - The Weeknd Cover Art

Number 1 no doubt

This should be number 1 not some song that was voted up by bots

Should be no.1 but no, cos it belong to 2019

Nah I think it should be on here. It got big in 2020

21 Peacefall - Purity Ring Peacefall - Purity Ring Cover Art

Love this song

22 Good News - Mac Miller Good News - Mac Miller Cover Art

One of the most sad and heartbreaking songs I've ever heard. RIP Mac.

23 Out of Luck - Tokyo Rose, Pylot, and Essenger Out of Luck - Tokyo Rose, Pylot, and Essenger Cover Art
24 Underneath - Code Orange Underneath - Code Orange Cover Art

Heavily recommended to the rock and metal fan-base on here. It's an Industrial Rock song with frequent metal-like screams.

25 Stardew - Purity Ring Stardew - Purity Ring Cover Art
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