Top 10 Best Songs of 2022

2022 is here, another year for people around the world to listen to new music from their favorite artists, bands and genres. Let's see which songs, regardless of genre of music, are the best songs you've listened to in 2022. Of course, this list will evolve as the year goes by the more people cast their votes so don't be surprised if the rankings change often.
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1 Sacrifice - The Weeknd Sacrifice - The Weeknd Cover Art

The Weeknd keeps on impressing me. I really like the funky vibe on this one and the infectious chorus. Thank you Abel for making the first great album of the year!

I'm not the biggest R&B / hip hop fan, but honestly this song is damn good. The music video is very impressive like his other works (epilepsy warning though). The beats sound great and have a sort of disco feel which is refreshing. 10/10

Feel the disco vibes of this song.

The beat of this song is fire.

2 Zombified - Falling in Reverse Zombified - Falling in Reverse Cover Art

Good song. This band is surprising me recently, since I hate all of their old stuff and love their latest tracks (I'm not a vampire (revamped) and popular monster are great songs in my opinion). I like their new direction

This one is a 10/10 for me. The sound quality is amazing, it's catchy, the riffs are great, the drums are powerful, Ronnie Radke's performance is on point (I love when he says "Zombified") and most importantly the lyrics make you think about what's going on in the world today.

3 Soldier of Heaven - Sabaton Soldier of Heaven - Sabaton Cover Art

Like always, Sabaton brings us a powerful and melodic song about war. This song is about
the White War. This war saw Italy fight against Austria and Germany, in the Alps, a mountain range that runs through central Europe. 10/10, love me some Power Metal.

Epic song. This is the start but this song is good.

4 The Only Heartbreaker - Mitski The Only Heartbreaker - Mitski Cover Art

This song is from her upcoming album "Laurel Hell" set to release in February 2022. It was the first time I heard one of her songs and I am simply amazed, I might even be in love! Her voice is so beautiful I could listen to her all day. 10/10

5 Start the Healing - Korn Start the Healing - Korn Cover Art

Start The Healing was released recently on YouTube and is from Korn's upcoming album
"Requiem" set to release in February of 2022. This song sounds awesome and a bit different from other songs I'd heard of Korn before, but I have a feeling Korn fans will feel right at home with this new record. Overall great song, 10/10.

6 Gasoline - The Weeknd Gasoline - The Weeknd Cover Art

Another song from The Weeknd's new album "Dawn FM". It sounds a lot like the 80s and it seems like The Weeknd is going for a mix of old and new. 9/10.

7 Hard Drive Gold - Alt-J Hard Drive Gold - Alt-J Cover Art

This is the first time I hear a song from this indie rock band and it sounded very good and catchy. The music video and lyrics I found very interesting. Overall great song, 10/10 for me.

I'm so excited for Alt-J's new album. This song is so damn good!

8 Exhaler - Wilderun Exhaler - Wilderun Cover Art

I love this song, it's very relaxing and melodic. It's not often that you can hear an acoustic guitar nowadays. The singer has a beautiful voice that fits the songs very well. 9/10

9 Let the Devil In - Dark Funeral Let the Devil In - Dark Funeral Cover Art

Even though I love Metal music, I'm not much of a Black Metal listener, but this is honestly very accessible and easier to listen to than other songs of the genre. The sound quality is pretty good also and the instruments are nice and dark, just like the contents of the lyrics (surprise to no one). 9/10

This song is good even though I am not into black metal.

10 Won't Stand Down - Muse Won't Stand Down - Muse Cover Art

I was skeptical during the first 30 seconds but when that chorus kicked in, I was really pumped. This has gotta be one of Muse's heaviest songs ever. I hope it will be a return to form for the band.

Muse did not disappoint at all with this new song, it might be their heaviest song yet. Can't wait for their new album to come out at some point this year.

Good heavy song. Feeling the metal like sound.

The Contenders
11 Longing - Infected Rain Longing - Infected Rain Cover Art

A nu metal band with a female lead, with a great voice might I add, this song sounds so good and the guitar and drums go perfectly together. I've been enjoying this band much more recently than other bands of the same genre. 9/10.

12 Less Than Zero - The Weeknd Less Than Zero - The Weeknd Cover Art

One of the my favorite songs from Dawn FM. Such an excellent track!

13 Two Towers - Fit for an Autopsy Two Towers - Fit for an Autopsy Cover Art
14 These Walls - Infected Rain These Walls - Infected Rain Cover Art
15 Dimorphous Display - Loathe Dimorphous Display - Loathe Cover Art
16 Forgotten - Korn Forgotten - Korn Cover Art
17 Out of Time - The Weeknd Out of Time - The Weeknd Cover Art
18 Amateur Hour - Eels Amateur Hour - Eels Cover Art
19 This is It - Nekrogoblikon This is It - Nekrogoblikon Cover Art
20 Artificial Suicide - Bad Omens Artificial Suicide - Bad Omens Cover Art
21 Grains - Konvent Grains - Konvent Cover Art
22 Dream Cull - Abbath Dream Cull - Abbath Cover Art
23 On the Run - Dagoba On the Run - Dagoba Cover Art
24 Love Me More - Mitski Love Me More - Mitski Cover Art
25 Surviving the Game - Skillet Surviving the Game - Skillet Cover Art
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