Top Ten Songs of the 21st Century that Should Be on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time but Aren't

Should include songs that have had exceptional critical reception and have some sort of significance, not only songs you just happen to like.

The Top Ten

1 Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Adele, while still young and relatively new, is on the best way on becoming a legendary singer, and her albums and songs receive praise from both critics and audience. She is popular with both teens and adults, and she is all about the music, not her image. Since RITD is her signature song, it should be on the list. - Martin_Canine

Its just criminal... How could you forget such an amazing gem like this? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Rolling stone in the deep - UltraGamer

This should be on, but it isn't a definite. - micahisthebest

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2 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Before voting, please listen to this song and you'll understand the greatness of it and why it should be #1.

Should be higher than Adele


My Chemical Romance received exceptional reviews and became an essential part of the pop culture of the latter half of the 2000s. Welcome to the Black Parade is their signature song and received rave reviews.

PS: Considering they charted over here where this type of alternative rock was NOT associated with emo (instead, artists that had a certain manga style were, like early Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre or LaFee), shows they are also a great band without the gimmick of being leading figures of a subculture. - Martin_Canine

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3 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian

I wouldn't doubt its quality, but I guess it wouldn't be iconic and successful enough considering what else is on the list. Outside of Metal circles, Blind Guardian isn't that well known. - Martin_Canine

This song left me in awe when I first heard it. To me it's the best and most impressive song by far. - Metal_Treasure

This is by far the greatest song of the 21st Century - christangrant

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4 Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

I don't know about the US, but the song Back to Black got way more airplay than Rehab over here and became Winehouse's signature song. Rehab is on their list, and considering her impact on pop culture she needs to be on the list. - Martin_Canine

Just checked. "Back to Black" was number 3 on the charts, "Rehab" only number 19, in Austria. Well, cultural differences. - Martin_Canine

I love this song

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5 American Idiot - Green Day UListen to Sample
6 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

My neighbour had this song playing and I was so excited and I started whispering to he music lol


Maybe on the 500 Greatest Mêmes list. - djpenquin999

can't WAKE UP

best song ever - GrapeJuiceK

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7 Anthem - Iced Earth UListen to Sample
8 Schism - Tool

Should be top ten... Honestly, tool should dominate top ten. I'd also throw in some eagles.

I personally believe this song should be in the top 10. - cjWriter1997

Released in 2001. guess that counts... don't really care for the 21st century culture in music. - deathnote67

9 Sonne - Rammstein

I know that Rolling Stone has a huge misconception of Rammstein, but Rammstein are megastars in their home country, and when asked about who is the best German band, most Germans would answer either Rammstein or Die Ärzte, but it's only Rammstein that also made it big internationally. Also the lyrical quality of their songs is among the best. Sonne is their best known song of the 21st century, so it should be on the list. - Martin_Canine

I don't know what kind of people you surround yourself with, but I, as a German, don't know a lot of people who'd call Rammstein the best German band. - Idontreallycaretoomuch

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10 Not Afraid - Eminem UListen to Sample

The Newcomers

? Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst - Kendrick Lamar

Probably Kendrick's best song, amazing lyricism. - JoLeKosovo

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The Contenders

11 Sacred Worlds - Blind Guardian UListen to Sample
12 The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin UListen to Sample
13 When You Were Young - The Killers UListen to Sample
14 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold UListen to Sample
15 The Throne - Blind Guardian UListen to Sample
16 Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones UListen to Sample
17 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Her best song. It broke records and everyone knows it, its iconic

Hell yeah. This is the best Lady Gaga song in my opinion. - TwilightKitsune

Lady Gaga is pretty much the definition of pop of the 2010s and late 2000s, and is acclaimed beyond compare. "Bad Romance" and "Poker Face" are both her signature songs, but Poker Face seems a bit unlikely because it was released at a time when Gaga wasn't yet taken as seriously as a musician as she is now. - Martin_Canine

I think rolling in the deep is should be added. But this song is on a different level.
Just iconic

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18 I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! at the Disco UListen to Sample
19 Starboy - The Weeknd

This song is WAAAY to overrated and doesn't deserve to be in the top 500 - GrapeJuiceK

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20 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Considered one of his best songs and loved by many. - LemonComputer

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21 Alright - Kendrick Lamar UListen to Sample
22 Sing for the Moment - Eminem

Is generally considered one of his greatest songs. There should be more by him on the list, as he is already considered one of the greatest artists of all time, whether you like hip hop or not. - Martin_Canine

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23 So What - P!NK UListen to Sample
24 Mana - Equilibrium UListen to Sample
25 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

An amazing funky song, one of my favourites. - WinchesterGirl26

The best song of the 2010s decade!

Definitely NUMBER 1!

no ewww - Iamcool

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26 Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Aguilera's career was at its peak at the time this song was released, which is propably her signature song, and no one can deny her relevance in the 2000s. It was also named one of the best songs of the decade by Rolling Stone. - Martin_Canine

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27 Ride - Twenty One Pilots UListen to Sample
28 Side to Side - Ariana Grande

Whoever put an Ariana Grande song on the best list, go to hell, ya Smiler.

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29 Get the Party Started - P!NK

While not being her best (considering she has songs like "Just Like a Pill", "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "Stupid Girls"), this song is what brought her on the map. - Martin_Canine

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30 Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Good Song

I agree with this one, it was a huge critical and commercial success...

Now that I think of it, every song I have heard by Coldplay so far ("Clocks", "Paradise", "Talk" and this one) blew me away, yet I never started actively listening to them. Maybe I should. Those four songs' melodies are so on point (and I know Talk is based on a Kraftwerk song), they cause so many pictures to run through my head. And when music makes me daydream this much, it's always a great thing. - Martin_Canine

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31 All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem

Rolling Stone doesn't really put songs by My Chemical Romance or Nickelback on their Best List. They would probably add the following:

1. Chart-topping, but also good songs
2. Newer songs by established artists
3. Indie Hipster songs like this one - djpenquin999

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32 Cirice - Ghost UListen to Sample
33 Because of You - Kelly Clarkson UListen to Sample
34 Pardon Me - Incubus UListen to Sample
35 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers UListen to Sample
36 Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel had the biggest hype since The Beatles in Germany (several newspapers about this "Beatles hype" thing are still available, and having witnessed it as a child, I can say this is not an exeggaration), even though their international critical reception was better than in Germany. Rolling Stone were almost euphoric in their review of "Scream" (they gave 3.5 stars, several classics have only received 3 stars), and yeah, only little German bands made it big outside of their home country. The band's significance in Europe, and then later on in Japan and the US should have granted them a spot in the list, and "Monsoon" is their signature song. - Martin_Canine

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37 Love Story - Taylor Swift UListen to Sample
38 You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift UListen to Sample
39 Chandelier - Sia UListen to Sample
40 How You Remind Me - Nickelback

I just figured out how extremely successful this song was. Because yeah, Nickelback are well known over here, but... wow, they never were THIS huge. They are a regularly successful band that chart with every album they release but never in the top spot over here.
Whatever, considering the American success and the fact that it actually had positive reviews (I am sure they weren't hated back then) it definitely is of significance.

PS: Okay, apparantly both "Silver Side Up" and "How You Remind Me" topped the Austrian charts. Sorry, my bad. It's just weird that it gets less airplay these days over here than "Rockstar", "If Today Was Your Last Day" and "Gotta Be Somebody", as none of them charted at peak position. - Martin_Canine

I don't really like the rest of their songs, but this one is great. - peaceswagtv

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41 Numb - Linkin Park UListen to Sample
42 Closer - The Chainsmokers

There is a difference between greatest and best. This song may not be good in terms of quality, but it's legacy and dominance has given it a lot of greatness. - ProPanda


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43 Lights - Ellie Goulding UListen to Sample
44 Deepthroat - Cupcakke

Good song! It slays! Should be in the top 5 - Worksponge

What the actual is this? - Martin_Canine

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45 The Fence - Tim Minchin UListen to Sample
46 O Green World - Gorillaz UListen to Sample
47 All the Small Things - Blink-182 UListen to Sample
48 Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses

Not 21st century... - Metal_Treasure

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49 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due - Megadeth UListen to Sample
50 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day UListen to Sample
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