Top 10 Songs of the 21st Century

The best songs from all genres so far into the 21st century.

The Top Ten

1 In the End - Linkin Park In the End - Linkin Park Cover Art

Linkin Park simply rocks... no match to them... not only this song but leave out all the rest and somewhere I belong are the songs which are out of time...

I once listened to this song non-stop on a 4 hour road trip and still am crazy about this... BEST NU METAL song ever!... Love shinoda raps and the beats that play in the chest cavity... Masterpiece by Linkin Park


I mean seriously, is this for real in the end at no. 3 whereas numb not even at 10th position are you guys gone insane? I strictly detest this list like anything and honestly who the hell is this Sarah Geronimo or whatever her name is? This list truly sucks.

2 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem Cover Art

what could be more inspirational than this song?!

Long live Eminem... No one raps better than him, Listening to his lyrics I just think from where do he brings them...

This is a great song and I love it and Eminem is a AMAZING singer!
This song is really good and one of my favourite by him. I also love encore and stan but stan is really sad and makes me cry Eminem is great singer and the top 10 best songs ever should all be by him!

This song means so much to me. This tells you how when you have an opportunity to change your life are you going to capture that moment or are you going to let it slip? It also shows how Eminem came to be. How he had this chance to change his life and look at him now, he is on the top ten of the century!

3 I Still Believe in Loving You - Sarah Geronimo I Still Believe in Loving You - Sarah Geronimo Cover Art

She's a perfect performer... She really makes the audience amaze every time she sing, dance, rap, etc.. A lot of people admire and love SARAH GERONIMO.. Tickets are sold out in every concert of her.. But still, you'll see that she still a down to earth person.. The way she talk, the way she treat her fans, the way she show how much she respect her family.. Everything about her is really amazing.. Try to watch some of her performances, then you'll find what you've been looking for...

I am surprised that a Filipino singer like Sarah G. could make it at No. 2 in this list. Mabuhay and Pilipinas!

Sarah Geronimo, a multi-talented performer that you will be amazed to her every performances, God fearing, respectful, very humble person who is so loved by her fans, loves her family so much... So very fan of this young great singer. She's so beautiful inside and out... And sexy too even without sowing any skin! Love you much Sarah... Always be a blessings to everyone.

This is one of my favorite song of Miss Sarah Geronimo, she's really great when it comes to singing she will makes you feel the emotion and can really interpret the song well... She's a total performer, and so versatile. She never fails to amazed and entertained her fans/supporters... And despite her successful career she remains humble that's why a lot of people loved her..

4 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day Cover Art

Great song it describes me. I feel lonely all the time because nobody likes me. So I listen to this song. Sometimes when I feel lonely I do bad things so people don't know. I love this song.

Best song of our time... It will be playing for só many years, if you listen you will enjoy.

Hey I see them at the top 3 but what the hell is this?

This song should be at least top 3. And I think that the list forgot Taylor Swift

5 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Cover Art

BEST SONG EVER! it's so amazing and it really does express Amy Lee and it shows her amazing capability to write the best music she can! Besides this song, there's also "My Immortal" and "Hello" which are also amazing songs by Evanescence and those, and this song, are a must!

One of the first truly amazing songs I had ever listened to... And Evanescence just keeps getting better.

The most haunting melody I've heard... Touching and resonates within your heart for a long time.. So real and achingly beautiful. Makes me thaw ad though I've been numb a very long time for a very long time.. Made for everyone who has a heart and has at some point become unfeeling with life bearing down... Amy Lee-a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice...

Best song ever..! Evanescence are younger group, and their songs will be very popular for 5-10 years.. This song is so special, you can feel it... Just like My Immortal...

6 The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars Cover Art

I just love this song. It is an inspirational song with a stong meaning. The singer Jared Leto, his brother Shanon Leto(drummer) and Tomo Milicevic and Matt Wachter(Guitarists) made a perfect song. All in all 30 Secons to Mars is a great band with all great songs and the song The Kill is one of the best and deserves to be in this top 10 of the songs of the 21st Century!

this song tells about your internal battle, in the most real way. there are no songs like this, it teaches you the reality, helps you accepting who you r, tells you that THERE'S NO WRONG TO BE DIFFERENT.

This is very beautiful song, with meaningful lyrics. The singer- Jared has really awesome voice, the drummer does really good work! I love all their songs, not only The Kill. I'm very proud of them and of that, I can be their ECHELON family!

Jared Leto is awesome.. He's a great singer.. I her him singing live.. His voice is so beautiful.. I love all of their songs

7 Numb - Linkin Park Numb - Linkin Park Cover Art

This list truly sucks
Numb at #7
I mean how!
Can anyone give me a single reason

Agreed, this list is just crap... Who is sarah geronimo anyway?... Many song in this list are not well known...

I'm not saying this is the best song but this song clearly deserves higher place. I bet the guy who post sarah geronimo vote her hundreds of time just to have a chick from nowhere in #1. Shame on you.

Numb by LINKIN PARK is the best song of the 21st century, because there's no such song has the feeling like this song has. Numb is the song of those person who suffers mental pain and who are tortured by people and society as a whole. Yes. This maybe a meaningless song for some people like you, who are born with golden spoon in their mouth. Bro and sis you don't know the reality, but Chester did. - Emblem

The best song of the 21st century. Should be first! This list is fail, because half of it are unknown or unpopular songs.

I believe this should be in top 3.. One of the best song ever heard... Its touches you to the core.. Clearly it deserved a good ranking.. This list talk false.. I doubt someone just clicked millions of time just to bring their favorite at top.. Crap...
Who is Sarah Geronimo by the way? :o

8 My Immortal - Evanescence My Immortal - Evanescence Cover Art

So, so, so lovely song. Makes me cry every time I listen this song.

9 You Rock My World - Michael Jackson You Rock My World - Michael Jackson Cover Art

Awesome song and video... and an awesome man... RIP Michael

You rock my world Michael you are the best singer and this is one of your best songs it will make you grove and dance to the beat, wherever you are, whatever occasion, you're gonna love this song!

Well... He is the king of pop. Every song is a masterpiece

A masterpiece one of the last few songs that he did and he will continue to be loved and remembered

10 Stan - Eminem Stan - Eminem Cover Art

This song is great. I don't like rap songs at all but still this songs one of the best Ive heard. All other songs are also good in the list.

What can you say about Stan. A crazed Eminem fan who writes to him, but doesn't get a reply from Em so goes and kills him and his pregnant girlfriend. And as Em is writing back to him he realises that he is dead after hearing it on the news. What a story, what a song and what a legend. Eminem king of rap

Hands down Stan is the best rap/ hip hop song ever. Hands down he is also the best hip hop artist ever as well.

Good list but I like this song the best. Stan and Lose yourself

The Contenders

11 Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Should be much higher. While complex in its abstract lyricism and layered sound, its catchy bassline and sing-a-long ability help make it accessible to a mainstream audience. Not to mention how its production is fantastic, the numerous genres blend together beautifully, the rapping is great and it offers interesting ideas of freedom and well as authoritarianism. Inspired by heavily pro-free speech stance, that's for sure. Definitely the best thing Gorillaz ever did, and the best song of the 21st century so far.

This song has everything, the beat, the tune, the energy, the message...

This is my BAND! This was the third song from Gorillaz I heard.

Naut sure I could say this one is the best they did, but it sure is the one I listenned to the most, at the most various occasions and with the most different moods.

12 Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye Cover Art

I love this song so much... it needs to come on the radio more often

Great song, great lyrics. Should be higher on this list.

Beautifully artistic

Good flow like a stream

13 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day Cover Art

This list sucks if this song ain't number 1! Its a song that's highly relative to anyone in this world! This 9 min. Epic masterpiece needs to be no.1!

I think that nothing but Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody can top this song, to be honest. It's truly a masterpiece - and I'm not just saying it as a Green Day fan. Can you make a 9 minute, 5 part brilliant song?

9 minutes,5 parts, one story. The music video is also amazing. Watch it, vote it here and comment it. Best punk rock song of the best punk rock band ever.

Green Day is one of the best bands known to man! Any song of theirs should be number 1! Just look at the title! That's all you need to know it's an awesome song! Green Day forever! They're my life!

14 Demons - Imagine Dragons Demons - Imagine Dragons Cover Art

This whole album is great, and this song is awesome. I think it should be in the top 10 somewhere.

Truly great. Invokes the spirit within you and forms a deep connect. Well done.

A true wonder, that creates deep connections within you. Imagine Dragons really show imagination!

Pretty good song. I like it. I don know if it's the best though... I like radioactive better...

15 Mr. Brightside - The Killers Mr. Brightside - The Killers Cover Art

Truthfully one of the best songs ever recorded, in my top 50 all-time for sure with the likes of Queen and Pink Floyd.

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. How in the hell is it not worthy of a top 20 spot? Gah The Killers.

Should be higher, way better than Bruno mars. And who even is that girl at number two?

why isn't this higher? like no.2 on my ipod after drops of jupiter- train

16 Apologize - OneRepublic

No one can ignore this song. Brilliance at its best. 1R

17 Fix You - Coldplay Fix You - Coldplay Cover Art

This is such a great song. The voice of Chris Martin here, the music, the lyric... This must be on TOP 5! When I'm sad, or when I can't get what I want, or when I lose someone, this is the song I want to hear. And it heals me.

This song got to number 4 it should have got to number 1 and if it had it would have been number 1 for at least 10 weeks

1 of the best songs of all time only Jesus of Suburbia or Bohemian Rhapsody can possibly be better

Someone add Telescope by Cage the Elephant if you think its deserving

18 Before I Forget - Slipknot Before I Forget - Slipknot Cover Art
19 Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park Cover Art

Legendary song. Just so awesome and the music, lyrics is perfect!

The only linkin park song I HATE

Breaking the Habit is the best! Catchy, feels, emotional, meaningful… I could go on and on! And Chester's vocals are simply the best!

20 Snuff - Slipknot Snuff - Slipknot Cover Art

This is such an amazing song

21 Lost Angel - Heart Lost Angel - Heart Cover Art

The best song never allowed to get air play. Heart must sure know how the Dexie Chicks feel.

Unless you buy the album you will never hear this one. It worth the price of admission.

22 Forever - Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem Forever - Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem Cover Art


Ok how is this so low down it’s awesome I mean you start with Drakes awesome singing moving into a rap which is just damn awesome then you get Kanye rapping about his fame in the classic Kanye way this song then goes to Lil Wayne’s catchy rap and then Eminem steals the show this must be higher

23 Viva la Vida - Coldplay Viva la Vida - Coldplay Cover Art

The greatest song of the modern era, and shows how not every song has to be a mindless complexion of noises seeming to be interpretable as talking about (making) love. The vocals are just so incredible and perfectly portrays the unique lyrics that describe revolutions and hierarchy.

Violet hill from the same album is much better Violet hill should be very top of list with this song not far behind

After listening to this song, I got a tattoo on my hand which reads Viva La Vida

Great Song! Have listened to it for years and I still love it!

24 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold Cover Art

It is one of the best... Now cancel "one of"

I love this song, calms me down

25 Grenade - Bruno Mars Grenade - Bruno Mars Cover Art

This song should be number one. It is raw and has real human emotions, not just real human autotune. He is the real deal and the music video is unique. It is not just of a giant dance party like half of today's music videos R. It has a bold and controversial ending that leaves the viewer saying "WHAT? " He commits suicide. He lost his love and he killed himself. Bruno Mars understands human nature and love, as well as loss. He has talent. I love you, Bruno!

One of the best Bruno Mars songs of all time besides Wild girls

Great song. great music, lyrics, and beautiful meaning and voice

It's an ever green song

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