Best Songs from 5 Seconds of Summer's Self Titled Album


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1 She Looks So Perfect

I find it hard to believe this is a list. - Swellow

I love this song

So amazing

I love this song because it talks about how everybody is perfect no what size they are and because the lyrics are life and there voices song like angels and there adorable faces its to much I'm so done haha love you dorks 😘

2 Beside You

This is one of my favorite songs by 5SOS and it always reminds me about their beautiful time

WHAT? Definitely the best song by them

3 Don't Stop

Has an AMAZING beat and really really awesome lyrics :D

4 Amnesia

Nice lyrics, wonderful melody

This song deserves no. 2 position definitely. Guys come on and vote for it.

I'm a CALUM girl I love the other boys too lol I love this song so much because it's very emotional and speak our feelings love you guys ❤️

This is *The Perfect Song*

5 Long Way Home

It sets a perfect image in my mind and it's so nostalgic as I can't help think of summer. Also the bridge is so strong 'kissing at the stops signs darling, Green Days on the radio' this song rocks!

I love Long Way Home - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song makes me cry ♥

6 Never Be

Always makes me cry. In a good way.

7 End Up Here

This song shouldn't be 9th. I mean it includes a ASHTON IRWIN SOLO AND IT'S SO AMAZING *sorry* - Noctalli

The best song ever

I like end up here because it takes about how the boys are shocked of how far they became in there career and very happy that the fans care about them and their awesome music love you guys 😘

I love this song! The best! 5SOS rocks! 😍😘😘

8 Good Girls

Definitely the best. has been my favorite 5sos song since they started playing it live, even before the studio version.

9 Everything I Didn't Say

I love 5SOS and this song is a reminder of why. Anyone that wants a great song to listen to, look no further. Totally deserves to be higher on this list. VOTE!

I'm in love with this song so much like 4 real I gives me life lol

10 Heartbreak Girl

I love this song so much<3 It's a very emotional and relatable song. It's definitely one of the best 5SOS song if not the best

The Contenders

11 Social Casualty

Definitely my favorite song off the album!

This song actually has an amazing meaning and just everything asddgfhdkjebkjw its one of my favourites and its definitely underrated

12 Voodoo Doll

I love this song with all my heart because it was the first song I heard when I discover 5sos I will never forget that day lol 😇😇🎉🎉❤️

13 Mrs. All American

Someone do a cover of it

This is their 3rd best so g in my opinion

14 18
15 Kiss Me Kiss Me

It is an awesome song

16 English Love Affair

As a Michael girl, I can proudly say my boy here wrote this song and sang the majority of it. This is amazing.

Guys this song is IMPORTANT how was it not on here?!


17 Green Light
18 Lost Boy
19 Independence Day
20 Close as Strangers
21 Out of My Limit
22 Tomarrow Never Dies
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1. Beside You
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3. Social Casualty
1. Good Girls
2. Beside You
3. She Looks So Perfect

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