Top 10 Songs from 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Good Feels Good

Top 10 songs from 5 seconds of summer's second album 'Sounds Good Feels Good'

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1 Jet Black Heart

I relate to this song so much!

Love the song, so much feelings when I listen to it. It gives me a feeling of nostalgia because it's like an early 00's pop punk song. The lyrics are so emotional. Must be a single!

This song is beautiful. It should get more appreciation.

Great sound, great lyrics, great feels. In love with this song!

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2 She's Kinda Hot

Love it might copied Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

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3 Castaway

Can't pick so went with this one

Just copied a Green Day song but love it

Love this song with all my heart

Singing this song all day

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4 Hey Everybody

Catchy n it's the new anthem
I became there fan after this song

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5 Broken Home

It's just so relatable for me... The lyrics are really beep and powerful, it sounds amazing, the vocals are so good and it always hits me in the feels!

At first, I wasn't a huge fan of 5sos. Their songs were catchy and all, but some of the lyrics were just annoying. Basically, I thought they only sang about girls and having fun and normal teenage celebrity stuff. When I started listening to the SGFG album, I just thought the album was mostly like their previous one. Especially after listening to "She's Kinda Hot," "Hey Everybody!," "Money," and "Permanent Vacation" etc. After Jet Black heart I was a bit surprised that the song had a deeper meaning then most of their other songs. When I came across this one, Broken Home, I just went into total shock. I have had a lot of family issues in the past, and I could strongly relate to the girl that was being sung about in the song. All my life, I have never come across a song I could relate to so much. I didn't even think that nowadays, people would write songs about that stuff. This song has really touched a very emotional part of my heart and it still does every time I listen to it.

This is one of the best songs lyrically it changed me and show how much 5sos has matured. I this song because song because it is the most relatable, and is a part of my daily playlist, just because it relates to me so much. This song should at least be in the top 5.

The first time I heard this song it made me cry, thinking about all the people who are like me and have gone through stuff like this to.

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6 Safety Pin

It's the logo of the new broken scene and the song is amazing

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7 Money UListen to Sample
8 Permanent Vacation

Super catchy.
You say I need some kinda medication
No motivation
Permanent vacation"

Love it

Love it

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9 Invisible

I love this song because it makes me feel loved somehow when I'm sad.

How dare you to put this song on 13th place?!

cal :-(

This song is so much deeper than most make out of it. The typewriter sounds in the beginning are signaling a letter being written. I really don't knowand don't care who everyone's favourite from 5sos is, but this is a Calum song. He walked into their studio one day and owned it.
Calum sings the whole time.
Calum wrote this almost alone.
This is Calum's suicide note.
This song is all of the bottled up feelings Calum once kept, and that is why it deserves so much more.
He deserves so much more.
All love for Calum.❤❤

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10 Outer Space/Carry On

This is my favorite so far, never get bored listening this song. Best lyrics best instrument. And best thing about this song is you got 2 Amazing song, my favorite is outer space but carry on is good too

This song sends chills down my spine.
it defines the new broken scene because the last words of the entire album are "you know it's gonna get better" and that sums up how much they care for us.
it's an amazing song and it definitely gives you the feels and really chill vibes.
overall, the album is absolutely amazing, but I'd have to call this song my anthem. :')

"The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side" probably the best line on the entire album

This song is just so beautiful, it gives me shivers when listening to it.

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11 Catch Fire

Luke's voice in this song just blows me away

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12 Waste the Night

Nostalgic, meaningful, and CALUM HOOD.

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14 The Girl Who Cried Wolf

This song is so deeply underrated. As one of the boys' slowest song it takes some getting used to. The metaphors in the song are extremely creative. I also like the overall feel or aura of the song and how the attitude changes abruptly into the middle of the song. When the riff comes in and the raw passion of Michael's voice starts to settle in it can easily be identified as one of their greatest songs.

This song has a deeper meaning and I feel most connected with it.

This song is one of my favourites.

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15 Airplanes

What's that?

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16 Vapor UListen to Sample
17 Story of Another Us

Great song

18 The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place UListen to Sample
19 Fly Away

This song is just another reason why 5sos is so great
This is another reason why they should be considered a rock band
This could be my favorite on from the album but I love them all I don't think I can decide

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