Best Songs on 7 Sinners by Helloween

Out of all the Deris era Helloween albums, this one is my favorite because how how heavy it is and how consistantly great each song is.

The Top Ten Best Songs on 7 Sinners by Helloween

1 Are You Metal?

Well are you? If not then why are you looking at this list? - christangrant

2 Long Live the King

One of the heaviest Helloween songs, kinda sounds like Iced Earth in parts. - christangrant

3 If a Mountain Could Talk
4 Far In the Future

Helloween are really good at longer songs. - christangrant

5 The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner
6 World of Fantasy
7 Who Is Mr. Madman?
8 Raise the Noise
9 My Sacrifice
10 Where the Sinners Go

The Contenders

11 You Stupid Mankind
12 The Smile of the Sun
13 Not Yet Today
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