Top 10 Songs About the Band's Mascot


The Top Ten

1 Alison Hell - Annihilator

Alice is what I would consider the mascot for Annihilator, since she has appeared on several of Annihilators album covers. This song is about Alice - christangrant

2 Mad Butcher - Destruction

This is one of Destructions best songs, it was so good they recorded 3 versions of it and even a sequel titled The Butcher Strikes Back.

Ver 1 Sentenced to Death
Ver 2 Mad Butcher EP (the sample)
Ver 3. Thrash Anthems - christangrant

3 Sargent D and the S.O.D. - S.O.D.

Sargent D is coming... and this song is on this list! - christangrant

4 Rattlehead - Megadeth
5 Solar Winds - Devin Townsend

The whole album could be here, I added this song since it is the best song from the album. - christangrant

6 Alien - Tankard

Watch out for the Alien who is a Drunkard, because he will eat all your food. - christangrant

7 Johnny's Back - Riot
8 Korgull the Exterminator - Voivod
9 Snaggletooth - Motorhead
10 Knarrenheinz - Sodom

The Contenders

11 The Butcher Strikes Back - Destruction
12 I'm the Man - Anthrax

I think this was this song is the first appearence of Not Man - christangrant

13 Lich King III (World Gone Dead) - Lich King
14 Lich King - Lich King
15 Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb) - Lich King
16 Lich King V: Stalemate - Lich King
17 Lich King II - Lich King
18 Lich King VI: The Omniclasm - Lich King
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