Top Ten Songs About Conspiracies

The Top Ten Songs About Conspiracies

1 Brotherhood of the Snake - Testament

The frontman Chuck Billy explained to Metal hammer, that they got inspired by the show Ancient Aliens, He found the book Brotherhood of the snakes which is about a secret society from thousands of years ago that was formed to debunk religion.

Also, this was the first song written for Brotherhood of the snakes.. They actually planned to release a whole album about the topic but later decided to drop the plan. - Ananya

2 Dose - Avenged Sevenfold

Inspired by the unsolved mysteries of 1950s about an airliner who supposedly fell in our dimension from another. - Ananya

3 Dreamer - Prince

In the song, He positions himself as prophet able to see the cosmic truth that society conceals from people. He sings about 'Peanut butter logic, served on the bed of lies'
Helicopters circling over cities ' spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep'. - Ananya

4 MK Ultra - Muse

About CIA's experiments with LSD in 1960s - Ananya

5 Illuminati - Madonna

She proposes her own counter'conspiracy, According to her, 'illuminati' actually refers to Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers ushered Europe out of Dark ages.
And..She thinks of herself as heir of this revolutionary lineage. - Ananya

6 The Message - M.I.A

It claimed that Google is 'connected to the government' as surely as ' Head bone is connected to the neck bone'...
She was vindicated by the subsequent revelations about the extent of NSA surveillance. - Ananya

7 Illuminati - Korn
8 Sos - Take That
9 Keep a Workin' Big Jim - Johnny Rebel
10 Rosetta Stoned - Tool

The Contenders

11 Depraved - Anberlin
12 N.W.O. - Ministry
13 I Am the Owl - Dead Kennedys
14 Subliminal - Suicidal Tendencies
15 The Threat is Real - Megadeth
16 Cadeva - Midian
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