Top 10 Songs About Conspiracy Theories


The Top Ten

1 Induction - Gamma Ray
2 Brotherhood of the Snake - Testament
3 Exo-Politics - Muse
4 Dose - Avenged Sevenfold
5 Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy - The View
6 The Devil is a Lie - Rick Ross
7 Illuminati - Korn
8 Illuminati - Madonna
9 Sos - Take That
10 Conspiracy Theory - Nick Jonas & The Administration

The Contenders

11 Flatline - B.O.B
12 Marionetten - Söhne Mannheims

This song by Xavier Naidoo's band is about believing that the government, controlled by a cult, is controlling the population and shares lies using the media, and that Söhne Mannheims will start a revolution. What at first sounds like a politically critical song - which would be perfectly fine and even good, unbiased criticism is always great - is deeply rooted in Naidoo's beliefs in all kinds of conspiracy theories including satanists ruling the earth and Germany not being a free country and former presidents owning a pedophile ring. What makes people like Naidoo dangerous is that their theories are rooted in real issues, such as rich people getting away easier with crimes and lies, but then they lose themselves in dystopic and often supernatural imagery and assaults that have no proof at all. What they don't understand is that the world doesn't work like this because some strange satanic cult says so, but because money and power gets exchanged on a global scale. If Naidoo would ...more - Martin_Canine

13 Morgellon - Casper

This song is about a conspiracy theorist locking himself away from the rest of the world, believing everybody lies, the world being ruled by lizard people, the government tries to cover up UFOs, Mark Zuckerberg being part of a cult, the police and certain people in the neighborhood spying, and the water and air being intentionally poisoned. While Casper performs the song in-character as the theorist, it is not his beliefs, he characterizes a paranoid man. The album "Lang lebe der Tod" that contains the song follows a concept, it tries to capture the many different moods and views of the European civilisation in a time of violence and fear, therefore he uses different and often contradicting characters he performs as on the album. The song "Morgellon" furthermore uses images of the theorist living in a bubble, and only reading news made by likeminded people, and storing food and weapons in his home, spending his entire current existence feeding his insanity. An actual conspiracy ...more - Martin_Canine

14 Lied vom Leben / Wo sind sie jetzt? - Xavas

The hidden track "Wo sind sie jetzt? " is about satanic child abusing and slaughtering cults disguised as celebrities. Xavas is a duo consisting of chart topping soul singer-songwriter Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas who is often called the greatest German rapper of all time (according to, he is even better than Tupac and Jay-Z - not in my opinion, I just quoted this to show his god-like status). I am very sure that Savas is not a conspiracy theorist as he never stated anything similar, this song assumingly came entirely from Naidoo. But actually, I think Savas wrote Naidoo's part, and Naidoo wrote Savas' part. Naidoo sings about what he will do to the rapists when he gets them, and uses curse words and violent lyrics, while his songs usually are fairly clean and soft - he also rhymes more complex than a singer would. Savas' verse is supposed to be conscious and calmly exposes what this cult does without any foul language - this verse is a bit too explanatory for a rap verse, and ...more - Martin_Canine

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