Top Ten Songs About Luck

Good luck if you can find any more and bad luck if you can't - but I know there are a lot more. If you know of any, feel free to add :).

The Top Ten

1 Born Under a Bad Sign - Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Or Albert King. Both amazing. - Britgirl

2 Bad Luck - B.B. King
3 Good Luck, Bad Luck - Lynyrd Skynyrd

They had more Bad Luck - waldo

4 Lucky Man - Emerson Lake & Palmer
5 Superstition - Stevie Wonder
6 With A Little Bit Of Luck - Paul McCartney & Wings
7 I'm A Bad Luck Woman - Memphis Minnie
8 A Good Run Of Bad Luck - Clint Black
9 Some Guys Have All The Luck - Rod Stewart
10 My Lucky Day - Bruce Springsteen

The Newcomers

? When You're Hot, You're Hot - Jerry Reed

The Contenders

11 Gamblin' Man - Bonnie Raitt
12 Luck Be a Lady - Frank Sinatra
13 The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
14 Let the Good Times Roll - Muddy Waters
15 Deaf, Dumb, Crippled and Blind - King Biscuit Boy
16 My Wife - The Who
17 I'm Just a Lonely Guy - King Biscuit Boy
18 I'm Just a Lucky So and So - Ella Fitzgerald
19 Tumbling Dice - The Rolling Stones
20 I Been Hoodood - Dr. John
21 Such a Night - Dr. John
22 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
23 Havin' a Real Bad Day - Taj Mahal

O.O...these added songs are much better than the ones I chose... (except for #1 - and who else was I going to choose for THAT? :). - Britgirl

24 Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
25 I Put a Spell on You - Arthur Brown
26 Straight On - Heart

Bout making' your own luck.

27 Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd
28 Whipping Post - Allman Brothers

I knew there was one of many I'd forgotten. Good song! - Britgirl

29 Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
30 Blackjack - Ray Charles
31 Losing Hand - Butterfield Blues Band
32 Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton
33 Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School - Warren Zevon

A magical minstrel gone way too soon.
("His hair was perfect":).

34 Old Mr. Bad Luck - Earl King

Hey, you're right! I DO like - love - this one. Very much indeed! :). - Britgirl

You be likin' this one:).

35 I Feel Lucky - Mary Chapin Carpenter

I don't usually listen to this lady! Never expected this to be THIS good! You've added some amazing ones! Thank you! :). - Britgirl

This one too:).

36 Bad Luck - Dinah Washington

Foxtrot blues - what mo' could jya want? ;).

37 Badly Bent - King Biscuit Boy
38 Witchy Woman - Eagles
39 Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop
40 Back in the U.S.A. - Edgar Winter's White Trash

U.S.A.!... Ya damned dweebs.

41 House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
42 Gypsy Woman - Muddy Waters
43 Still Alive and Well - Johnny Winter

*Sigh* Ever had one of those weeks that just need to be ripped out of history books? Well...At least I'm alive and well! - Britgirl

44 Win, Lose or Draw - The Allman Brothers Band
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