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1 You Are a Pirate - LazyTown

Kinda ironic I know this song from a kids show but none of the others on this list

Lol, limewire - SpectralOwl

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2 The Sailor Song - Toy-Box

This song is better than anything by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Nirvana together. They are great, but... this is mind blowing. - Martin_Canine

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3 Keelhauled - Alestorm

Pirate metal

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4 Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) - Disney Chorus UListen to Sample
5 Pirates of Dance - DJ Bobo UListen to Sample
6 Drink - Alestorm

"They say all the best things in life are free
So give all your beer and your rum to me
We are here to drink your beer
And steal your rum at the point of a gun" - Metal_Treasure

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7 You are a Pirate - Alestorm You are a Pirate - Alestorm

Surprisingly, this cover is actually well done. - cjWriter1997

LazyTown cover - Metal_Treasure

8 Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho - Hans Zimmer

Judging by the audio sample I think I mistook this score for another song from the movie with singing. Anybody got an idea? - Martin_Canine

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9 Pirate Song - Alestorm UListen to Sample
10 Black Flag - Iced Earth

Out of the oven - released in June 2017. - Metal_Treasure

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The Contenders

11 He's a Pirate - Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Klaus Badelt & Tiesto UListen to Sample
12 Shipwrecked - Alestorm

The video to this song is very funny - Metal_Treasure

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13 Yo Ho 2: Pirate Life - Blood On the Dance Floor

I am not sure what to expect from their next album. The four singles released so far are so heavily varying in tone and quality... - Martin_Canine

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14 Captain Morgan's Revenge - Alestorm UListen to Sample
15 The Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms are a comedy trio. Saskatchewan is a Canadian province. - Metal_Treasure

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16 Wolves of the Sea - Alestorm UListen to Sample
17 Captain Hook - CH!PZ Captain Hook - CH!PZ
18 Black Sails at Midnight - Alestorm UListen to Sample
19 Lass mich dein Pirat sein - Nena

"Let Me Be Your Pirate"

A love song, in which Nena uses the romanticized image of a pirate, then that of a pilot, then again that of a pirate. - Martin_Canine

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20 Captain meiner Seele - Helene Fischer

"Captain of My Soul"

The song uses a metaphor with her love interest being a pirate and her heart being the ship. - Martin_Canine

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21 Yo Ho - Blood on the Dance Floor UListen to Sample
22 Wolves of the Sea - Pirates of the Sea Wolves of the Sea - Pirates of the Sea
23 Rum - Alestorm UListen to Sample
24 Pirate Ships - Wendy Waldman UListen to Sample
25 Captain Feathersword - The Wiggles UListen to Sample
26 Weird Beard - Mad Caddies UListen to Sample
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1. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) - Disney Chorus
2. You are a Pirate - Alestorm
3. You Are a Pirate - LazyTown
1. The Sailor Song - Toy-Box
2. Pirates of Dance - DJ Bobo
3. Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho - Hans Zimmer
1. Keelhauled - Alestorm
2. You Are a Pirate - LazyTown
3. Drink - Alestorm


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