Top 10 Songs About Space or Aliens

The Top Ten Songs About Space or Aliens

1 Rocket Man - Elton John

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time... - Billyv

2 Space Oddity - David Bowie

Ground control to Major Tom. - Userguy44

Great song - LightningStrike

R.I.P. David Bowie. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

3 Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd

Reading the names of planets through a megaphone in the intro sounds like an astronaut over an intercom.

"Floating down, the sound resounds
Around the icy waters underground.
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania.
Neptune, Titan, Stars can frighten." - Metal_Treasure

4 Space Truckin' - Deep Purple

This song has enough energy to launch a rocket to Mars. - Gg2000

Well we had a lot of luck on Venus
We always had a ball on Mars
We're meeting all the groovy people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealis
We're space truckin' 'round the stars
Come on come on
Come on let's go Space Truckin'
Come on come on come on
Space Truckin'
Remember when we did the moonshot
And Pony Trekker led the way
We'd move to the Canaveral moonstop
And everynaut would dance and sway
We got music in our solar system
We're space truckin' 'round the stars - Metal_Treasure

5 Drops of Jupiter - Train

Now that she's back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey, hey
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there's a time to change, hey, hey, hey
Since the return from her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

But tell me, did you sail across the sun?
Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated? - Metal_Treasure

6 The Final Countdown - Europe

I love love love this song.
"We're leaving together,
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown
The final countdown
We're heading for Venus (Venus)
And still we stand tall
'Cause maybe they've seen us (seen us)
And welcome us all, yeah
With so many light years to go
And things to be found (to be found)" - Metal_Treasure

7 Starrider - Foreigner

I stole a ride on a passing star
Not knowing where I was going
How near or how far
Through years of light, lands of future and past
Until the heavenly gates

Were sighted at last
Speed increasing

All control is in the hands of those who know
Will they help us grow
To one day be starriders

Starrider, rider, rider
Show me where you are
Starrider, rider, rider
Take me to the stars - Metal_Treasure

8 Man on the Moon - R.E.M.
9 Mr. Spaceman - The Byrds

Thanks for adding this one. I really enjoy this song; I think it's kinda humorous. - Gg2000

Must be those strangers that come every night
Whose saucers shaped light put people up tight
Leave blue green footprints that glow in the dark
I hope they get home all right

Hey Mr.Spaceman, won't you please take me along
I won't do anything wrong
Hey Mr.Spaceman, won't you please take me along
For a ride - Metal_Treasure

10 Walking on the Moon - The Police

Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break
Walking on the moon
We could walk forever
Walking on the moon
We could live together
Walking on, walking on the moon - Metal_Treasure

Great song. Probably my favourite of The Police. - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Come Sail Away - Styx
12 Outa-Space - Billy Preston
13 Starman - David Bowie
14 '39 - Queen
15 Spaceman - The Killers
16 Far Out - Blur

I spy in the night sky, don't I?
Phoebe, Io, Elara, Leda, Callisto, Sinope
Janus, Dione, Portia, so many moons
Quiet in the sky at night, hot in the Milky Way

Outside in
Vega, Capella, Hadar, Rigel, Barnard's Star
Antares, Aldebaran, Altair, Wolf 359
Betelgeuse, sun, sun, sun, sun - Metal_Treasure

17 Goodbye My Friend - Blind Guardian

Who can tell me who I am
who I am my friend
I'm an Alien so they say
a risk to everyone
No - Tell me what do they see
No - Tell me what do they feel
No - Tell me what do they fear
Goodbye my friend

I found you at the end
I say Goodbye to all
Goodbye my friend
thanks for your helping hand
I say Goodbye to all my cries
just say Goodbye - Metal_Treasure

18 Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead

This song is about aliens who visit Earth on vacation to take photos and videos of the funny little creatures who live on it (us). The narrator wishes that the aliens would abduct him because he feels detached from human society and wants to be an outsider looking in. - Gg2000

19 E.T. - Katy Perry
20 Aliens Exist - Blink-182
21 E.T. - Toy-Box

E.T. is an alien, and he's kind'a spacy
Comin' from the universe to party and go crazy
Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo, here we go!

Attention everyone, there's a party in your town
E.T is on the loose, and he's got it going' on

Come do the E.T. dance, wiggle up your hands
He's everybody's friend, and loves to party - Metal_Treasure

22 The Master Race In Outer Space - The Vandals
23 Major Tom - Peter Schilling
24 1969 - Kim Wilde
25 Space Cowboy - Banaroo
26 Space Bound - Eminem
27 Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - The Carpenters
28 Englishman in New York - Sting

I'm a legal alien.

29 Space Invaders - Hit'n'hide
30 Milky Way - CH!PZ
31 Hangar 18 - Megadeth
32 Escape to the Stars - Cinema Bizarre
33 The Martian Boogie - Brownsville Station
34 Raumschiff Edelweiss - Edelweiss
35 Cosmos (Outer Space) - T.A.T.U.
36 Space Truckin' - Overkill

A very good Deep Purple cover - Metal_Treasure

37 Space Truckin' - Iron Maiden

Deep Purple cover - Metal_Treasure

38 Space Police - Edguy

An ocean of stars gleaming like diamonds
How many times have we wondered what lies behind
And how do you wish to make explorations
And travel through space and time
To the crest of forever

Shoot up to life out there what will it be like?
And if we're much faster than light maybe I can see
What the shine of my ego looks like from a distance
And what do they know about me in faraway solar systems?

Oh I dive in zero gravity
A glance at the All

We're riding out, pass by the moon
Bird's eye view on the universe
We're all about breaking the rules
"Freeze! " goes the space police - Metal_Treasure

39 After the Gold Rush - Neil Young
40 Space Song - Beach House
41 My Alien - Simple Plan
42 Rapture - Blondie
43 Space Odyssey - The Byrds

This song is about a group of astronauts who find a pyramid on the moon that was presumably left there by space aliens. It's inspired by the short story "The Sentinel" by Arthur C. Clarke, the same story that inspired the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. - Gg2000

44 Galaxie - Blind Melon
45 Spaceman - Bif Naked
46 Countdown - Rush
47 Love Walks In - Van Halen
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