Top 10 Songs About Trying to Write a Song or Make an Album

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1 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

The song is about a serious fire incident at the place they were going to make records:
"We all came out to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didn't have much time
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground" - Metal_Treasure

2 The Everlasting Muse - Belle & Sebastian

I look into her wondrous gaze
And taste the strangest chord
And make the purest noise
If I could only right my wrongs
And take her to my favourite place
And steal a melody
'Cause I need only see her face
And doubts and worries fall away
And music rushes in
Listen to the sound of life
(I don't want to be friends)
Winds will blow and storms will rage
(But your phrases are poor)
The news is always sad
(And you try hard to rhyme)
If I could only see her face
And know that she was close
There is a deeper magic here
The Everlasting Muse
And on the napkin silk
She weaves a manuscript with skill
An intro, outro, middle 8
A tapestry of words
A subtle gift to modern rock
She says "be popular, play pop"
And you will win my love - Metal_Treasure

3 Pages - 3 Doors Down

What happens to a man when
He spills his heart on a page and
He watches words flow away then
His feelings lie on the page alone
There waiting
For someone who cares to read them
To open their eyes to see them
To see if they can make his thoughts their own
To find out that maybe your life's not perfect - Metal_Treasure

4 Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

It's about the songwriting process in Linkin Park as seen by Mike Shinoda who wrote the lyrics. He told Kerrang! Magazine:
"I wrote the lyrics to this about 100 times. It's always frustrating as a lyricist to come in with a new version that you spent hours on and have the band tell you that it's not there yet. In one case, they listened to my lyrics for 30 seconds and told me to start over again. That was pretty hard. It felt like I was bringing in the lyrics, getting punched in the face and then going back to the drawing board. When it finally came together I said to the band 'I don't think anyone but us could have made a song like this'. It's a bizarre death-party-rap-hoedown! " - Metal_Treasure

5 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago

Robert Lamm, Chicago's keyboardist and author of this song said the song title refers to time and that the song is about trying to write a song late at night (“Waiting for the break of day, Searching for something to say.”) - Metal_Treasure

6 And It's Better Now - Status Quo

Riding along on the words of a song in my head
Thinking all day of the thoughts in my mind never said
I have needed a friend, over and over again
Everyone sings of a God they have known
Now I have a God of my own

And it's better now, been a long, long time
And it's better now that the words can rhyme

Gotta have something to sing about, everyone must have a song
Now I got something to sing about, everyone's singing my song - Metal_Treasure

7 Have All the Songs Been Written? - The Killers

Have all the songs been written?
Ohhh I just need one, to get through to you
I just need one more - Metal_Treasure

8 Songwriter - Van Morrison

I'm a songwriter and I know just where I stand
I'm a songwriter, pen and paper in my hand
Get the words on the page
Please don't call me a sage,
I'm a songwriter - Metal_Treasure

9 On a Plain - Nirvana

"What the hell am I trying to say?
It is now time to make it unclear
To write off lines that don't make sense" - Metal_Treasure

10 I Can't Stop Thinking About You - Sting

White page, an empty field of snow
My room is twenty-five below
This cold man chasing ghosts
A road lies underneath a buried boat
Dogs search the under forest - Metal_Treasure

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11 I'll Write a Song for You - Earth, Wind & Fire
12 How to Write a Song - Harry Nilsson
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