Best Songs On Adam Lambert's Orginal High


The Top Ten

1 Ghost Town

It's perfect. Just like he is.

2 There I Said It

Love this song! Best on the album.

very nice

So,their I said it,Adam is the best singer ever,and this is one of his best works ever - glambert

3 Another Lonely Night

This is one of his best.. So amazing - glambert

Super awesome, and must be #1!

4 The Original High

Best chance for #1 the orginal high
Song stuck in my head for days now


5 Underground

I'm listening to it for the first time right now and, wow. I don't know what word to say. Besides its more then perfect. He's voice is gorgeous.

6 The Light
7 Evil In the Night

Absolutely great song from the album should be higher

8 Lucy

Love this song and love that Brian May is playing the guitar on it

9 Rumors

Why is this great song with Tove Lo not number 1 on this list

10 After Hours

The Contenders

11 Heavy Fire
12 Things I Didn't Say

This should be right beneath original high as no1 and evil in the night in no3

13 These Boys
14 Shame
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