Top Ten Songs from the Album City Baby’s Revenge by G.B.H.

City Baby’s Revenge is U.K.’s hardcore punk band Charged G.B.H.’s third full length studio album released in 1983.

The Top Ten

Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity Cover Art

Just listened to this; sounds really cool. I've actually got an idea that I've wanted to do, but since I don't have the proper knowledge, I'd figured I'd ask you if you'd like to do it. What if we had a list of the top 10 hardcore punk albums for beginner fans (or people who are wanting to get into the genre)? - Gg2000

Valley of Death
Womb With a View Womb With a View Cover Art
High Octane Fuel
I Feel Alright I Feel Alright Cover Art

A great cover of The Stooges’ “1970”. - THC13

Drugs Party In 526 Drugs Party In 526 Cover Art
City Baby's Revenge City Baby's Revenge Cover Art
The Forbidden Zone
Vietnamese Blues
Christianised Cannibals
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