Best Songs on the album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One by The Kinks

While browsing lists for The Kinks, I realized that Village Green Preservation Society and Arthur have lists, but Lola vs Powerman doesn't. It's, in my opinion, one of their best albums. If I missed your favorite song, go ahead and add it to the list.

The Top Ten

1 Strangers

One of my favorite Dave Davies songs. He knocked it out of the park here. - Gg2000

2 This Time Tomorrow

This song is about life on the road while being a musician. Most musicians are so busy and focused on their next show that they can't really process the journey. - Gg2000

3 Lola

The most recognized song from the album. It was inspired by two separate incidents where Ray Davies (and his manager) mistakenly encountered a transvestite. It was a hit single (which they desperately needed). - Gg2000

No, you didn't miss my favourite song ;D - Britgirl

4 Apeman

It's about being disillusioned with modern society and wanting to live in a distant island like an ape. It has a bouncy, Caribbean feel. - Gg2000

5 Powerman

A condemnation of record executives. The most striking line for me is when he says that the executive doesn't need to fight or use weapons to take over the world: "Powerman's got money on his side". - Gg2000

6 Top of the Pops

It's a mockery of how much importance musicians place on the record charts and the way the music media operates. It's got a heavy guitar riff that almost sounds like Louie Louie turned upside down. - Gg2000

7 Denmark Street

Denmark Street is about the publishing district of London. Ray sings about the hypocrisy of music publishers, who sign artists they hate because of dollar signs. - Gg2000

8 Get Back In Line

It's about unions and how much musicians depend on them. Ray was very familiar with unions; the American Federation of Musicians banned The Kinks from touring in America for four years, which significantly hurt their careers. - Gg2000

9 The Moneygoround

A music hall type number about how Ray Davies' publishing rights got split among several individuals, leaving him with only scraps. Apparently, all the names in the song were real people associated with Ray. - Gg2000

10 Rats

The other song on the album written by Dave Davies. It's a strong hard rocker. - Gg2000

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