Top Ten Songs from the Album "One" by Kool Savas and Azad

“One” is 2005 collaboration album by German rappers Kool Savas and Azad.

The album peaked at number 5 in Germany, and 32 and 33 in Austria and Switzerland, respectively.

Initial reception of “One” was very positive. Both rappers were at the peak of their careers at that time, and critics and the public were very hyped by the collaboration, calling it a great team up of the two biggest MCs at that moment (even though their later chart positions in the 2010s were higher, that’s mostly because the hip hop genre in general got more popular, their standing was biggest in the early to mid-2000s). Retrospectively, it is however often called one of the lesser works in each rapper’s discography. While never really called bad, it was felt neither of the rappers reached their full potential on it, and that it didn’t match the exceptionally high expectations.

The album consists of a mix of punchline based battle rap and conscious / political songs that often merge into each other. The rappers have an extremely energetic and aggressive vocal delivery and use very explicit and provocative lyrics. The album is also noteworthy for its mix of slower poppy beats focusing on catchiness and ominous hardcore hip hop productions. This guaranteed them wider airplay than most other big German rappers of their generation while still being seen as great artists by the hip hop community.
Chart topping soul singer Xavier Naidoo is the only featured artist on the album and sings on the album’s closing song “Was hab ich dir angetan”. Also, a children’s choir performs the chorus of the single ”All 4 One”.

The album spawned three singles. “Monsters**t” peaked at number 29 in Germany. “All 4 One” was the most successful single, peaking at number 4 in Germany and also entering the Austrian and Swiss charts at position 24 and 85 respectively. The final single “Guck My Man” reached number 27 on the German charts.

The Top Ten

1 All 4 One

It's hard to judge whether this or "Monsters't" is the best song of the album. It's a tie I'd say, because the songs are so widely different. This here is a fairly clean conscious rap song telling the next generation (my generation, judging by the fact that the children's choir must be about my age now) to stand up and actively fight for a better future, and stand together as a strong force. - Martin_Canine

2 Monsters**t

As I said on "All 4 One" and this one are so heavily different yet both are fantastic. Savas and Azad destroy everything in the way, their delivery is filled with utter agression and anger barely heard on a record. They are wild, savage even. I also love the extremely unusual beat work. - Martin_Canine

3 War

As the title suggests, this song has a theme of war themed punchlines. - Martin_Canine

4 Tollwut

This song only consists of animal-themed punchline. I like battle rap songs that have concepts. - Martin_Canine

5 Guck My Man
6 Alles was geht
7 Was hab ich dir angetan
8 Banana 2
9 Ich bin Rap
10 Bis ihr nicht mehr könnt

The Contenders

11 No No No
12 Intro
13 Panik - Skit
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