Best Songs From the Album Tiddly Winks by NRBQ

Tiddly Winks is their most popular album, and it's considered to be one of their best. Their style is a neat mixture of old school rock and roll, jazz, and Beatles-influenced pop.

The Top Ten

1 Me and the Boys

The best rock and roll song on the album. It has some weird rhythms in the verses that I think are clever. - Gg2000

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2 Definition of Love

A jazzy pop tune about a guy who looks up the literal definition of love in the dictionary. It has a really clever chord progression. - Gg2000

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3 Want You to Feel Good Too

This one is a straight twelve bar shuffle. It grooves so well. - Gg2000

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4 Music Goes 'Round and Around

A cover of a song by famous jazz musician Tommy Dorsey; it's about playing the trombone or trumpet. - Gg2000

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5 That I Get Back Home

It starts out as a country-style shuffle, but it takes a few weird turns with the chord progression. - Gg2000

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6 Roll Call

It's about a roll call at a high school reunion, showing how everyone changed when they grew up. - Gg2000

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7 Never Take the Place of You

It's a reassuring statement from a man to his girl that not even the most rich and famous girl can take her place. Los Lobos recorded a great cover of it. - Gg2000

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8 Feel You Around Me

The first song on the album. It's a song about a man who, even though he works hard to please his girl, can't last a day without her. - Gg2000

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9 You Can't Hide

One of the more uptempo songs on the album. - Gg2000

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10 Beverly

It's a soft, acoustic number. I love it. - Gg2000

I love it - ButterBoy

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