Top 10 Songs Alestorm Should Cover

Alestorm is a Folk/Power Metal band from Scotland who refer to themselves as "True Scottish Pirate Metal". They have covered other songs about pirates like You Are a Pirate by Lazytown and I made this list because why not have them cover more songs related to pirates.

The Top Ten

1 Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) - Disney Chorus

This is a no brainer that they should cover, this song is basically an anthem for Pirates made from Disney. - christangrant

2 Under Jolly Roger - Running Wild

Running Wild did Pirate Metal before Alestorm did, and this is the song that is considered the first Pirate Metal song, so that's why I added this song to this list to pay tribute to other pirates in the metal scene - christangrant

3 He's a Pirate - Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Klaus Badelt & Tiesto

The theme song to Pirates of the Caribbean, a great theme too, one of the best from modern movies. - christangrant

They sorta covered this song, in No Quarter but the entire song isn't just this song. - christangrant

4 Lowlands Away - Nils Brown, Sean Dagher & Clayton Kennedy

Gotta have some Sea Shanties in here too, after all that is what pirates sang I also added samples from them from the game Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, a game that fits with theme of this list because it's about Pirates. - christangrant

5 Drunken Sailor - Sean Dagher, Michiel Schrey & Nils Brown
6 Dead Horse - Sean Dagher
7 Leave Her Johnny - Sean Dagher
8 Running Down to Cuba - Sean Dagher
9 Friggin' in the Riggin' - Anthrax

This is a traditional drinking song that has covered by many other artists, most notably Sex Pistols and Anthrax - christangrant

10 The Pirate Song - Ray Stevens

The Contenders

11 Yo Ho - Blood on the Dance Floor
12 I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
13 Spanish Ladies - Sarah Blasko
14 Haul Boys Haul - Foc'sle Singers & Paul Clayton
15 Rio Grande - Las Hermanas Calle
16 The Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Arrogant Worms
17 The Sailor Song - Toy-Box
18 Captain Hook - CH!PZ Captain Hook - CH!PZ
19 We Belong to the Sea - Aqua
20 Help I'm a Fish - Creamy
21 Just Keep Swimming - Dory
22 Land Ho! - The Doors
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