Best Songs On Alice In Chains' SAP (EP)

Only 4 songs on this album (or 5 including the hidden track) but it's still a great EP from one the greatest Grunge/Metal acts of the 90's and of all time!

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1 Brother

So darn haunting! It's just so beautiful and sentimental and I love it! (Also proves Jerry has a fantastic voice as well as Layne)

2 Got Me Wrong

The song they chose to release as the single and for good reasons! Cool verse, heavy pre-chorus/chorus, interesting acoustic guitar and great vocals as usual!

3 Am I Inside

Good lyrics and very creepy, haunting song.

4 Right Turn

Fun fact: Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden) and Mark Arm (of Mudhoney) appear on this one. They jokingly call themselves 'Alice MudGarden' for this song! Haha!

5 Love Song (Hidden Track)

AiC decided to have a bit of fun with this last song. Sean played piano and sung, Layne did the drumming, Jerry did bass and Mike played guitar. It's not as good as the others but it's still pretty funny!

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1. Got Me Wrong
2. Brother
3. Am I Inside
1. Got Me Wrong
2. Brother
3. Right Turn
1. Got Me Wrong
2. Brother
3. Am I Inside

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