Best Songs from Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies


The Top Ten

1 No More Mr. Nice Guy
2 I Love the Dead
3 Elected
4 Billion Dollar Babies

Great song from a great album. Love this song as well as the whole album. - Grouse

5 Hello Hooray

In my opinion:
1-2. "Hello Hooray" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (it's a draw for me)
3. "Elected"
4. "Generation Landslide"
5. "Billion Dollar Babies"
6. "Raped and Freezin'"
7. "I Love the Dead"
8. "Sick Things"
9. "Unfinished Sweet"
10."Mary Ann"

6 Generation Landslide

While I am a bigger fan of Alice's solo material as a whole, there is plenty of good original Alice Cooper Group material out there too and this is one of my favorite Alice songs. Great lyrics. - warrantsbestgirl

7 Raped and Freezin'
8 Unfinished Sweet
9 Sick Things
10 Mary Ann
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1. No More Mr. Nice Guy
2. I Love the Dead
3. Elected
1. I Love the Dead
2. Generation Landslide
3. Elected



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