Top Ten Songs on Alison Moyet's Essex

As with her first three albums, this one was also reissued in 2016 with a second disc of bonus material (remixes, B-sides, live performances, and other rarities) AND the first disc containing the original album also features additional material. The reissue contains 37 tracks in total.
I AM NOT LISTING EITHER OF HER COLLABORATIONS AS A GUEST ARTIST ("My Best Day" with The Lightning Seeds and "Make a Change" with Nearly God a.k.a. Tricky) THAT FEATURE ON THE REISSUE. Even though I would list both among the ten best songs on this release, they are not reflective of the Essex era of Alison Moyet's career. Unlike other lists, I am counting remixes of tracks FROM ESSEX that have significant differences from the album versions, BUT NOT remixes of songs from the preceding Hoodoo era or later releases. I am also not including songs that came from the Singles era that followed Essex ("The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", "Solid Wood", "Blue" and "Our Colander Eyes") as those songs are from that compilation album's era, and unrelated to Essex.
I'll give my review of this LARGE package in a separate post.

The Top Ten

1 Life in a Hole

A wonderful pop rock track that is an unfortunate buried treasure. - theOpinionatedOne

2 Whispering Your Name (Vince Clarke Remix)

Synthpop suits this song FAR BETTER than an acoustic guitar and strange beats. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Boys Own

This was my favorite song on the original 12 track album. It's upbeat dance-rock. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Getting into Something (Midnight Mix)

I liked the original on the album but this slightly more chilled out remix has Love Deluxe era Sade vibes that I love. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Ne Me Quitte Pas (Acoustic)

A live version was a bonus track on the reissue of Raindancing and made my top ten of that album. An acoustic version made the top ten of this one. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Another Living Day
7 Falling
8 Take of Me
9 Ode to Boy II
10 Satellite
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