Best Songs from All 3 High School Musical Movies

Well I needed to make a list and I decided to make a list about a Trio of musical movies and my fave Songs in the 3 movies! Someone's gotta do this so I'll do it cause I like the movies!

The Top Ten

1 Breaking Free - Gabriella & Troy

This is a great song it makes my eyes water to see Troy sing but he should sing this
song with Sharpay not Gabriella she can't even sing her voice is so fake.

Best song ever

Love the song but I hate that Zac didn't sing the songs in the first film.

The lyrics, the music, the voice, everything is superb about this song

2 Gotta Go My Own Way - Gabriella & Troy

Favorite song from all 3 movies combined.

Best song of Gabriella - Kean420

3 We're All in This Together - The Cast of High School Musical

This could be a song for TheTopTens! - Britgirl

My favorite song that shows that teamwork is the best - Kean420

4 Can I Have This Dance - Gabriella & Troy

My favorite. - Ihateschool

I like the song because its nice

I wish to dance with a girl to this wonderful song! - Curti2594

Just love this song!

5 Everyday - The Cast of High School Musical

Everyday of our lives! This is a sweet song I love it - Curti2594

This song is really awesome. they sing it so well! - Curti2594

Love it a lot! - Curti2594

Love it - Kean420

6 You Are the Music In Me - The Cast of High School Musical
7 Start of Something New - Gabriella & Troy

Where's Sharpay's songs?

Why is literally all of the top 5 gabriella and troy? we need some more sharpay up in here lmao - pjo

I've never heard any of these songs but I just love the title of this - it's inspiring. - Britgirl

I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
And right here tonight

This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you

And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

I love this song.

8 All for One - The Cast of High School Musical

Best song of HSM 2except for What Time is it - Kean420

9 Bet On It - Troy

This song is so fun. I love the sequence in the movie!

I bought this song on iTunes. This song is lit

Should be number 1. - AnnaOfArendelle332

HOW IS THIS NOT #1? It is so fun!

10 High School Musical - Cast of High School Musical

This is my favorite song from the franchise along with Bet on It. - Eraser

I got so sad because it was the last song of the whole HSM movie series - Kean420

It’s the end. Gives a tear in my eye...

The Contenders

11 Scream - Troy

I cried when listening to Everyday, but Scream will always be my favorite. I love the idea behind it, (a confused teenager who is losing everything and has to make his own decisions, but is being persuaded by others). Also the choreography is great!

Man, powerful. - backflip

How come this is not top ten? I really LOVE this song!


12 I Want It All - Ashley Tisdale

Deserves higher it's magnificent

Best song ever

13 Fabulous - Sharpay Evans

It is a diva song of Sharpay - Kean420

One of my favorite songs (and not just in the HSM series)

14 When There Was You & Me - Gabriella

I love this song! This movie is probably the best! - DynastiNoble

Also a great Gabriella song - Kean420

15 What Time is It - The Cast of High School Musical

Best summer song yet - Kean420

16 Stick to the Status Quo - The Cast of High School Musical

How is this not higher? This was one of the best songs from the series! (In my opinion at least)

I love this one - Kean420

17 Bop to the Top - Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel

Something about this song always makes me always want to dance. And their duet is really great.

I also love this one - Kean420

18 Right Here, Right Now - Gabriella & Troy

Also a great duo song - Kean420

19 The Boys Are Back - Corbin Bleu, Zac Efron & High School Musical Cast

Such a good song...

The boys are back... greatest song.

If I made a Sonic version of The Boys Are Back (such an underrated song), I would have Knuckles as Troy and Sonic as Chad.

20 Just Wanna Be With You - The Cast of High School Musical

Great! - Kean420

21 What I've Been Looking For - Ryan & Sharpay
22 Get'cha Head in the Game - Troy


23 Now or Never
24 I Don't Dance - Lee Brice
25 A Night to Remember - The Cast of High School Musical
26 What I’ve Been Looking For - Troy and Gabriella
27 The Boys Are Back - Troy and Chad

So much fun, it's so easy to dance to,

28 I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - The Cast of High School Musical
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