Best Songs from All Traps On Earth's A Drop Of Light

A Drop of Light is the Debut album of Swedish progressive rock band All Traps On Earth. It was released on the 4th December 2018 through AMS records. THe lineup of the band is almost entirely the lineup of the Swedish band Anglagard, and this band is often thought as an offshoot of that.

The Top Ten

1 Bortgloma Gardar

Having actual sung vocals was quite a big surprise, considering how the vocals in the rest of the tracks was composed of operatic notes, rather than containing any form of lyrics. The melody is absolutely incredible here, and the way it progresses throughout is nothing short of masterful, with the underlying harpsichord creating a really nice sound that provides a good, set pace to work with for a few minutes, before it goes back into the more abstract portions of music. The soft passage near the end is definitely one of the highlights of the entire album, with the way it slowly becomes quieter until all that's left is a solitary piano. - kempokid

A Drop of Light was definitely a stunning album of 2018. No surprise it peaked at #11 on the Highest Rated Albums of the Prog Archives. - isaaonrtdmtr

2 All Traps on Earth

I love the extremely dark intro, with the operatic vocals of Miranda Brand sounding absolutely divine. The slow buildup involving various symphonic elements until it bursts into loud, complex rhythms and melodies through the bass clarinets and baritone saxophones is also absolutely incredible. Out of the tracks, this one has the largest focus on the vocal element of the band, being utilised more as an instrument rather than what they tend to be used as, but they appear throughout and are easily one of the strongest aspects of the song. Other aspects, such as the guitar riff backed up by interestingly timed wind instruments also prove to be excellent, along with the more mellow sections. The song sounds as if you're wandering lost through a dark forest. - kempokid

3 Omen

The main riff constantly repeated throughout the song works perfectly in tandem with the various tones, such as when the drumming goes quiet and fast while a small, yet really cool sounding guitar solo begins. The song keeps up its pace extremely well and is very consistent in its amazing composition. Other aspects I find really impressive are the great bassline and the pounding rhythm of the drums near the end of the song. - kempokid

4 Magmatic Warning

I like how the song is made up of crescendos, having multiple points in which everything becomes extremely quiet and beautiful, before building up and exploding, somewhat like a volcano which is possibly what this song's title refers to, although it could just as easily be a nod to the band Magma, since this song has a very Zeuhlish feel to it. The trumpet solos sound absolutely incredible, and give this song such power whenever they make an appearance. - kempokid

5 First Step

I really adore this interlude, being slow and clearly inspired by some piece of classical music, likely something inspired by Chopin. - kempokid