Best Songs On Alter Bridge's Fortress

This is a list of the best songs on Alter Bridge's 4th album Fortress. This whole Album is amazing, and it was really hard to order the songs like this, they are all so good.

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1 Cry of Achilles Cry of Achilles

Not only the best song on the album, it's also the best song by Alter Bridge. It's maybe their most progressive work along with Blackbird, Fortress and Calm The Fire. It's just amazing. The acoustic intro gives me chills every time I listen to it, so does the (pre-) chorus

This is the first track on the album, which is perfect, it starts off with a acoustic entry, then hits it with the heavy guitar. Great - Nightlock

A monster of a song. A behemoth to heavy metal

This is the closest they've come to Blackbird which, undoubtedly, is the best AB song there is...
The meaning and impact of this are completely different, though.. It is invigorating and at the same time conveys a tragic story.. This, is very very hard to do in my opinion..

2 Addicted to Pain Addicted to Pain

The single of the album, but it is still simply the best song on the album, fast, powerful, perfect - Nightlock

La mejor del album

3 Calm the Fire Calm the Fire

This is a great song (simply put). It starts well than completely changes direction, which is great - Nightlock

Best all round song 2013

4 Fortress

This is the title track, and just like with Blackbird Alter Bridge has tried to make it a massive epic. It isn't quite to the same effect of Blackbird, but it still is a great song. Great way to end the album to - Nightlock

5 Lover

This song is great! Different approach from Alter Bridge on this one, I love Myles' low singing at the start of the song very deep - Nightlock

I love the way the song builds up. And the emotional intensity! Its completely amazing!

Fortress and Lover are the best from this album. I just kinda like Lover more

Simply unbelievably full sound.

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6 Waters Rising

Amazing song Mark and Myles's singing is perfect in this song. - Soulstealer

I think what makes Alter Bridge great is their ability and willingness to constantly push their own limits and there is no better example of this than Waters Rising, the first Alter Bridge song where Mark sings lead rather than Myles.

This song is another great one, its really killer, great lyrics, great singing and great guitar - Nightlock

7 The Uninvited

Very underrated Alter Bridge song but it's really great. - cjWriter1997

This is Fortress' version of Buried Alive (Blackbird), it is fast and heavy and it sounds amazing pumping at full volume - Nightlock

8 All Ends Well

This should be number 1 by far. It's so deep of a message and shows a new side to Alter Bridge. The whole album's excellent but "All Ends Well" is the best song.

This song is really cool, nice riffs and singing, quite upbeat and happy, while also having a deeper message, really good song. - Nightlock

This song almost got me into tears... I'm in totally in love with this song...

9 Bleed It Dry

Kick ass riff. what people?

10 Cry a River

This song is really quite good. If you don't agree "than go on and cry me a river" - Nightlock

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11 Peace Is Broken

Lots of energy, great chorus and spectacular guitar work. Easily one of my favorites not just from the album, but from the band itself. Great tune!

12 Farther Than the Sun

This song is surprisingly good, at first it seems like just another pretty good album song...but the more I listen to it the more I love it! Its really quite good - Nightlock

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1. Cry of Achilles
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1. Cry of Achilles
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