Top Ten Songs from Alter Bridge's the Last Hero

Huh, Alter Bridge made a new album, yet it seems to have been forgotten already? Or so it seems. Another solid release.

The Top Ten Songs from Alter Bridge's the Last Hero

1 Show Me a Leader

Such a sick beginning - Curti2594

2 The Last Hero
3 My Champion

Man this is a great sounding song! I heard only a few seconds of it the first time I was hooked! - Curti2594

4 The Other Side
5 Poison In Your Veins
6 Cradle To the Grave

Best and good song it. Very too much Greatest song it.

7 This Side of Fate
8 The Writing on the Wall
9 You Will Be Remembered
10 Island of Fools

The Contenders

11 Twilight
12 Losing Patience
13 Crows on a Wire
14 Last of Our Kind

One of the only songs on the album to retain the raw riffs of Mark Tremonti without being completely drowned out by the complexities of the rest of the composition. The only one I can properly rock out to without being confused as to when the next headbang should be done :/ I love this album, but damn I'm glad this song is here to retain all that.

15 Breathe
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