Best Songs from Amon Amarth's Jomsviking


The Top Ten

1 First Kill First Kill
2 Raise Your Horns Raise Your Horns
3 The Way of Vikings The Way of Vikings
4 Wanderer Wanderer
5 On a Sea of Blood On a Sea of Blood
6 Back On Northern Shores Back On Northern Shores
7 One Against All One Against All
8 At Dawn’s First Light At Dawn’s First Light
9 One Thousand Burning Arrows One Thousand Burning Arrows
10 Vengeance is My Name Vengeance is My Name

The Contenders

11 A Dream That Cannot Be A Dream That Cannot Be
12 Gods of War Arise
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Top Remixes (6)

1. First Kill
2. Wanderer
3. Back On Northern Shores
1. First Kill
2. One Against All
3. A Dream That Cannot Be
1. First Kill
2. Raise Your Horns
3. Back On Northern Shores

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