Best Songs from Anouk's Sad Singalong Songs

On my profile you can see that this is my favorite album. This means I even like the songs on the last places.

I could still not figure out the genre of these songs: it seems a mixture of indie rock, indie pop and progressive rock.

The Top Ten

1 The Black Side of My Mind

My second favorite song after Pink Floyd's High Hopes. The ending is like angels singing. - Alkadikce

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2 Are You Lonely

This song's atmosphere is like coming back as a ghost 30 years after you died to see how the world changed (the lyrics aren't like that but I first heard this album when I didn't speak English well enough to understand the lyrics). - Alkadikce

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3 The Good Life

Probably the saddest song I have heard, especially together with the video (there are four songs from the album with videos: The Good Life, Birds, Pretending As Always, Kill) - Alkadikce

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4 Stardust

The perfect song (and album) to listen to before a beach visit (for the music, not the lyrics). - Alkadikce

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5 The Rules

The most theatrical song is the first track, just how it should be. - Alkadikce

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6 Pretending As Always

Catchiest song on the album, very easy to sing along (the lyrics stick in your head after the second listen even if you're non-English). - Alkadikce

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7 Kill

Used to be among my favorites from the album but for the ~30th listen it's not the most interesting. - Alkadikce

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8 Only a Mother

There is a middle section which is almost like crossover classical music. The philosophical speaking in the beginning is interesting as well. - Alkadikce

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9 I Don't Know Nothing

The title is not a grammatically correct English sentence but let's forgive. - Alkadikce

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10 Birds

This was The Netherlands' entry for eurovision in 2013 and ended at the 13th place. For me it is obvious that it was the best song on the contest, but its over-poppiness makes me put it last on the list.

Do NOT vote on this if it's the only song you know from the album. - Alkadikce

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1. The Black Side of My Mind
2. Are You Lonely
3. The Good Life
1. Pretending As Always
2. The Black Side of My Mind
3. Are You Lonely


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