Best Songs on Architects's Holy Hell

Holy Hell is the 8th studio album by English Metalcore band Architects. Released on November 9th, 2018, it is the first album since the passing of original lead guitarist Tom Searle in August 2016, and in his place, to feature Josh Middleton of Sylosis.

Vote for which do you think is the best track in Architect's 8th album effort.


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1 A Wasted Hymn

Track 11
The most emotional track, and by far, their greatest effort in this album. The instruments really help picture the moody and philosophical nature of the lyrics, and the vocals are very well-done to convey this track's message. It also fits in very well as Holy Hell's final track, giving off a very somber, but very meaningful sense of closure. This track also has Architects become what Metalcore needs, and what future bands should look up to for aspiration. Truly a mesmerizing and incredible track worth checking out for Metalcore and Punk fans. - CrimsonShark

2 Hereafter

Track 2
This track is melodic and fast. Sam's vocals are very genuine here and the atmosphere around the track, which can be reflected in the music video really helps. Its got incredible lyrics which reflects on perseverance, in spite of a tragic event, which can be reflected on the situation regarding Tom Searle two years ago. Not to mention the top-notch instrumental work. - CrimsonShark

Best song! :D

3 Death Is Not Defeat

Track 1
A track of perseverance, this track shines in its instrumentation and with its message, despite the bleak and depressing tone. The guitar work and the breakdowns are very welcoming and Sam's voice of grit, sadness and determination really help to make this song as prosperous as it could get. Considering what the band went through after Tom's death, it is an inspirational song, and a benchmark for a sad, yet motivating song. - CrimsonShark

4 Mortal After All

Track 3

This track has some of the most heaviest lyrics in regards to theme and message. It conveys the concept of Death in a very gloomy and melancholic fashion, which feels very effective. It also helps that the lyrics are very well versed and flow very well. The instrumentation has a great juxtaposition of melody and aggression, and the punk-like delivery feels very rewarding to listen to. - CrimsonShark

5 Doomsday

Track 10
This track debuted a year before the album's release, to show that even after the passing of lead guitarist Tom Searle in 2016, Architects are capable of moving on. And they've done an incredible job in keeping that in check. The band still has the energy that they had years ago and this song, in spite of its emotional background is an incredible track about one trying to come in terms of the passing of a loved one. - CrimsonShark

6 Royal Beggars

It must be first

Track 6
This track has some electronic instrumentals flowing throughout, but its very done due to how it fits with the tone of this track relatively well. The melodic tone helps to establish Sam's clean vocals very well and this one of Sam's best vocal deliveries in his discography. Its got a good rhyme and very meaningful lyrics about wanting freedom and struggle. It's a grim reminder of Tom's battle against skin cancer, which can be reflected in one's point of view, yet this can also apply to any individual's personal struggles. - CrimsonShark

7 Holy Hell

Track 4
A very fast paced, track, with some of the album's darkest, but meaningful lyrics about Death and Damnation and coming to terms in facing them and perseverance. Its rather anthemic for a track with a bleak undertone. The drumming feels intense, and the guitars feel very hard, yet mellow, alongside being accompanied by Sam's vocals very effectively. - CrimsonShark

8 Dying to Heal

Track 8
A harder and more punk-esque track. Its got a pretty good sense of adrenaline going and the chuggy instrumentals really help to catch a listener's mood. The lyrics are dark with religious undertones, but its presentation feels rebellious and rewarding, alongside an excellent vocal delivery from Sam. Lastly, the breakdowns are very hard and very well executed with each song length section. This track can be seen as a reflection of what Architects went through, after Tom's death, yet it can be relatable in regards to anyone who could have underwent a similar situation. - CrimsonShark

9 Damnation

Track 5
Another track with very dark and saddening lyrics about questioning Death and belief. Regardless, it s very solid track with intense guitar work, nice breakdowns and intense vocals from Sam. The musical tone has a nice blend of bleakness and melody throughout. In a way, its quite similar to "Memento Mori" from the band's previous album All out Gods have Abandoned Us, due to its lyrical meaning and tone. - CrimsonShark

10 Modern Misery

Track 7
One of the album's more chuggier works, yet it also has a rather somber and saddening tone throughout. The melodic music, accompanied by Sam's aggressive vocal delivery works in how bleak a situation could be around, yet an individual has a lot to express. The lyrics about depression, struggle and perseverance shows a lot of courage, and Architects really delivers. It's a great expression of how the band will continue to pursue their career and entertaining their fans, and also honor Tom. - CrimsonShark

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11 The Seventh Circle
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