Best Songs from Arctic Monkey's Humbug

The Top Ten

1 Crying Lightning Crying Lightning Cover Art
2 Dance Little Liar Dance Little Liar Cover Art
3 Cornerstone Cornerstone Cover Art
4 Pretty Visitors Pretty Visitors Cover Art
5 The Jeweller's Hands The Jeweller's Hands Cover Art
6 Secret Door Secret Door Cover Art

1. Secret Door
2. Crying Lightning
3. Pretty Visitors

Secret door - 1
Crying lightning - 2
Pretty visitors - 3

7 My Propeller My Propeller Cover Art
8 Dangerous Animals Dangerous Animals Cover Art
9 Fire and the Thud Fire and the Thud Cover Art
10 Potion Approaching Potion Approaching Cover Art

The Contenders

11 I Haven't Got My Strange
12 Fluorescent Adolescent Fluorescent Adolescent Cover Art
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