Best Songs from the Arctic Monkey's Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Album

The Arctic Monkeys just came out with a new album a couple of days ago, so I thought that making a list about it would be a good idea. I find it to be an extremely different album, but a pretty decent one as well.

The Top Ten

1 Four Out of Five

A much more standard Arctic Monkeys song while still maintaining the general sound of the album. It's also surprisingly catchy - kempokid

Relaxing song, makes you want to hear it again & again, even though the duration is longer than other songs

Has Something I can't explain!

Yes, this is undoubtedly my favorite song from the album, for many reasons. But I don't want to get in detail, because I feel more like questioning: what is Tranquility Base... doing at second, f'in American Sports at third and Star Treatment at 7th? I mean... Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and American Sports are by far the ones I like the least, and Star Treatment is my second favorite...

2 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Such a smooth song, it has a much more somber tone and reminds me slightly of the Jeweller's hands, my favourite Arctic Monkeys song. - kempokid

3 American Sports

The bass is really good, and the song is just generally nice - kempokid

4 One Point Perspective

The vocals are the main draw, I find them quite emotional - kempokid

5 Star Treatment

What the hell is this doing in seventh place?

God the beat though

This one's just ok, nothing bad, just nothing particularly good either - kempokid

6 The Ultracheese

Not a bad song, but I wish that the album would close on a slightly different note. - kempokid

7 Batphone

My most played from the album. Love the clever lyrics along with the awesome tune in the background

Another track that has a large focus on the vocals, I enjoy this track a lot. - kempokid

8 The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

Another highlight of the album, just another good song all around. - kempokid

9 Golden Trunks

I don't mind this one, the more distorted guitar is a nice change and the riff is decent - kempokid

10 She Looks Like Fun

This is a great song, deserves to be so much higher!

I'm really not keen on the chorus - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Science Fiction

I don't have much to say, it's a half decent song though - kempokid

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1. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
2. American Sports
3. The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
1. Four Out of Five
2. American Sports
3. One Point Perspective
1. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
2. Four Out of Five
3. Star Treatment

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