Top Ten Songs that are or May Be Remakes of or Use Sample from a Previous Song by the Same Music Artist

Often Music Artist do remakes or sample parts of their older songs,which in many cases fans think they are lacking new ideas.The result may be great or disapointing.

The Top Ten

1 Purgatory - Iron Maiden Purgatory - Iron Maiden
2 Necromantical Screams - Celtic Frost Necromantical Screams - Celtic Frost
3 Raining Blood - Slayer Raining Blood - Slayer
4 Saints in Hell - Judas Priest
5 Are You Dead Yet - Children of Bodom
6 Angel of Death - Slayer
7 Shadows of the Valley - Iron Maiden
8 Don't Burn the Witch - Venom
9 Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Twisted Sister
10 Escape - Metallica

The Contenders

11 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

The first verses are musically identical to Amerikhastan. Which is funny because Fatal Illusion is one of the most popular songs on Dystopia and Amerikhastan is the least popular on United Abominations - Alkadikce

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