Top 10 Songs that are the Most Overrated of Their Genre

Songs that are the most overrated for their said genre. Because this is a music list it's completely subjective.

The Top Ten

1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (Grunge)

The most overrated Grunge song in existence.

It's REALLY not that good of a song. I grew up in the 90's and I didn't get the love THEN. - taishisohma

2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (Hard Rock)

More overrated then any song by AC/DC.

Eh I think there are Led Zeppelin songs more overrated

3 In the End - Linkin Park (Nu Metal)

This isn't a bad song but honestly there's far better songs then this from the nu metal genre.

4 How You Remind Me - Nickelback (Post-Grunge)

Overshadows lots of other songs from the post- grunge genre.

5 Master of Puppets - Metallica (Thrash Metal)

There have been better thrash metal songs then this to be honest.

6 Basket Case - Green Day (Pop Punk)

I think this is quite self explantory.

7 Lose Yourself - Eminem (Rap)

I like Eminem but from a scale of 1-10 this song's a big 9 when it comes to being overrated.

8 Wonderwall - Oasis (Britpop)

I don't think I need to explain why for this one.

9 Thriller - Michael Jackson (Pop)

Michael Jackson might be iconic but let's be honest no pop song is more overratedd than Thriller.

10 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (Soft Rock)

Journey's a soft rock band to me and they've definitely made the most overrated song of the Soft Rock genre.

The Contenders

11 Pull Me Under - Dream Theater (Progressive Metal)
12 Tom Sawyer - Rush (Progressive Rock)
13 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (Progressive Rock)
14 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Operatic Rock)


15 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Rock)
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