Top Ten Songs that are Usually Placed in the Wrong Music Genre

The Top Ten

1 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

@Rambles because it's not metal. Do you think later metal bands was inspired by songs like this? I don't think... it's even closer to punk than metal... if you want to listen metal BS song, try the Children of the Grave. It's metal, Paranoid so far not!

Yes - musically, Paranoid is a children song with a guitar riff. Metal is more than that. - Metal_Treasure

Considered as Heavy Metal, but actually Hard Rock

2 Highway Star - Deep Purple

Considered as Hard Rock, but actually Heavy Metal

Yes, speed metal muscians say it's a proto-speed metal song and I agree with that. - Metal_Treasure

3 You Really Got Me - The Kinks

Considered as Hard Rock, but actually Garage Rock

Its obviously a garage rock but as for the riffs,it invented hard core or hard rock music,so I don't think calling it hard rock would be wrong,cause every first genre isn't always pure.for example deep purple didn't turn to heavy metal directly,they used to play progressive and psychedelic rock and then they went heavier and invented metal - zxm

4 Paradise City - Guns N Roses

This is a great hard rock song. Even if it's called glam metal, it's again hard rock because glam metal isn't really metal. The term "glam metal" is a terrible misconception. All metal musicians hated glam metal - namely because it's not metal and only gives metal a bad name. Glam metal is the glam version of hard rock, or the MTV version of hard rock, or the pop version of hard rock. Glam metal is a poser metal subgenre - "glam" and "metal" are actually opposites. - Metal_Treasure

Considered as Hard Rock, but actually Glam Metal

I don't know whats the difference between glam metal and heavy metal,a musician with 20 inches long hair and too much make up and with leather vest and pants really could change the music? - zxm

5 Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

Considered as Rock and Roll, but actually Blues

6 Victim of Changes - Judas Priest

This song is both hard rock and progressive rock. But unlike Rambles said, this song isn't prog metal. Prog metal is actually a faster and heavier version of prog rock. this song is softer and slower than average prog metal songs. - zxm

Considered as Heavy Metal, but actually Progressive Rock

7 Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles

But I saw this on Wikipedia its considered as Rhythm and Blues. Not jazz really. They change a lot - zxm

Considered as Jazz, but actually Rhythm and Blues

8 Helter Skelter - The Beatles

Considered as Heavy Metal, but actually Hard Rock

9 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Considered as Viking Metal, but actually Hard Rock

Its also considered as a hard rock - zxm

It really cringes me that people consider it as Viking Metal, and it isn�'t even a Metal song.

10 Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult

Considered as Hard Rock, but actually Power Pop

Not sure about power pop,but its more of a psychedelic rock song,and the reason it called as a hard rock song because the solo starts very hardly,which could be considered as hard rock,so only for the solo part I think this song can be called as a hard rock. - zxm

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