Best Songs from Ariana Grande's Album My Everything

Her latest Album and will be releasing on August 25th!

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1 Break Free

Great Ari song! Ariana did an awesome job on this one! I already know all of the words and can't stop singing it! Such great beat for a great song! It is my 2nd favorite song next to one last time.

Best song ever! Great chorus and Ariana's voice is simply so unique.

I just love this song this should be the best song she's ever made


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2 One Last Time

The first time I heard this I was like wow.
Even though Ari is not my first favorite singer, this song stands at the top of my list since Taylor Swift, my favorite singer's songs are all great but not as great as One Last Time.
I keep wanting to listen to it, after I first heard in my iPod in a plane ride that took a day or so back to my country.
I already memorized all the lyrics, and reminds of my sad mistaken moments in my life.

This is one great song! Can't stop playing it and listening to ari's amazing voice. Already memorized all of the words. Catchy and fun!

Ever since Manchester, this song has an incredible meaning and Is a powerful song that is naturally beautiful. Her best song is problem though

This song, I don't know why, but it makes me cry! She has an amazing voice. She is the best singer in the world. I LOVE YOU ARI! u will always be my idol!

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3 Problem

This is objectively a better song than Break Free, even though Break Free's chorus is intergalactic.

Love this song so much! A lot of Ariana's songs sound the same, but not this one! - bumblebee

Such a catchy beat! Different than her other songs. She really brought out her talent in this one.

I like this better than break free

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4 Love Me Harder

Awesome song! It's a fun song to listen to. Great voice too! Amazing wonderful and just great!

This is like my favorite song on the album besides Why Try and it deserves to be number one.

Such a great song the beat is everything and her vocals are spectacular!

In my opinion the best song in the record

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5 Best Mistake

It's very deep and Ari keeps her amazing voice mysterious throughout. This new album is awesome and this song specifically is different and great! What you waiting for? Go listen to it and vote!

I love this song so much I can't explain it

I love this song, sometimes beat and its perfect at all

I love you and your songs.

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6 A Little Bit of Your Heart

This is beautiful and amazing and sweet and very touching... You will love it... Vote to make it number 1

This song is amazing and I understand so much about her because of the way she sings and her powerful lyrics.

No it is called A Little bit of Your Heart. It's a great song, definitely#1!

I love this song so much! Also I love that HARRY EDWARD STYLES WROTE THIS!

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7 My Everything

It's a good song and is catchy and a nice slower pace but it just sounds too much like her other songs. Don't take this the wrong way because I love ari and all of her songs but this one is just too much like others of hers.

What might be the best Ariana Grande song, it's her and my most personal and I can absolutely relate to the words and meaning of it. I nearly cry every time I hear it

I think this is an amazing song... Ariana has a stunning voice. - Robdoggy

This song makes me cry. So amazing. I love Ariana's raw voice and piano in this song.

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8 Why Try

The song has an indescribable catchy yet emotional background music which truly shines along with Ariana's amazing vocal talent. Her voice is powerful and strong while at the same time exposing her vulnerable and emotional side. A strongly recommended track from the album.

I just love how the instrumental is so simple. It brings out the power of Ariana's voice, and the chorus is just amazing. Definitely would be a good choice for a single after all of these collaborations.

THIS IS THE BEST ARIANA GRANDE SONG IF YOU have to understand the true beauty of this song. I have listened to this song for so long non stop it never gets old

"All I'm seeing is all on Ariana's top charters on top, even though they are amazing, the other songs and just as good!

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9 Be My Baby

This is one of the best songs on the album, Cashmere Cat's production on the song is just awesome. I love the verses and the chorus, too, and the overall sound of this track.

Cashmere Cat did amazing production. And the high notes she hits at the end are heavenly. I'd put this at 3

This song is so unique and it's just so catchy. Love the is song, love this album, love Ariana Grade!

THIS SONG! (i love it :)) - 23MACCAja

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10 Break Your Heart Right Back

Never mind, it doesn't make me sad, I have a problem with music I listen to it once, I hate it. Then it gets stuck in there then I check it again then I love it

Great song, LISTEN to it for a few times then you will really appreciate the song, Ariana's vocals goes well with Childish Gambino's verse

This song needs to be ranked much higher really amazing song

I SAID IT WAS A BAD SONG? ONE OF THE BESTS ON THE ALBUM! LOL that was me like 2 years ago

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11 Bang Bang

Collaborating with jessie j, ariana grande and nicki minaj that this three girls is my favorite singer makes me like and love this song for now..

When I listen to bang bang I get super excited for ari's part. Jessie j and Nicki minaj are great singers too but ari really brings out the WOW in this song.

Best jessie and nicki good but with ari awesome

One of the best songs of the decade - MAORSA05

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12 Only 1

Should definitely be in top 10.

I love this song so much!

Definitely worth buying the delux version for this-


13 You Don't Know Me

Oh yeah I posted that a long time ago and now I like this song lol

This is not Ari'sworst song:( in fact this one of the bests it has a nice beat and ari is expressing that the paparazzi doesn't know her

UMM..this song isn't bad...i like it


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14 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

This song makes me cry and its amazing I will be very mad if this song doesn't win. I have been upset about so many things lately and this makes me feel like she has been through this. Because she wrote the best explaining lyrics in history.

Because harry styles lyrics and ariana grande voice are amazing

Umm Harry Styles wrote this...


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15 Hands On Me

I love this song sooo much. Great to dance to

Haven't really heard it fully but so far nice job arii

16 The Cadillac Song

I never heard of this song so I listened to it and WOW! Its already stuck in my head. I suggest you listen to it. Great song. I'll never forget it.

How I could listen it if the song only available on Target USA only. - BeaM456

WOW the word Cadillac was used in Jason Derulo's song Wiggle feat. Snoop Dogg

This song isn't very famous but it's not bad.

Is this real or a joke? I've never heard of this, but maybe it's unreleased, and useually, only fans hear about the unreleased songs.

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17 Too Close

Love this song. So catchy. It's my jam. And all I can do is sing along when I hear it. Great to dance to too.

It's a wonderful song and shes a wonderful person...such a perfect voice for the song

Love this absolutely

18 Baby I
19 Intro

The intro really isn't a song just an intro to the album. I kinda like it but really its just an introduction.

A very nice one... don't really know what to call it..she didn't really sing but it was marvelous

It's so angelic and gives me THE goosebups and tears. I love you Ari.


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