Best Songs from Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman

I know it is not out yet, but by the time of you reading this, it will probably be. Let's get started...

The Top Ten

1 Into You

I love its melody.

Her best song! I love it since it played on mtv..and I was like wow what a great song. The composition is played my emotions. And now I never get bored with this song. But I still mad because this song never reach #1 on charts...I mean it's far better than her new single 7 rings.

All songs deserve to be in the top of the charts but they didn't respect Ariana and treat her like the other artist, they treat her like a joke, so Ariana will prove everyone wrong and do her thing, love her fans and slay Grammy

Not an Ariana grande fan, but this album is pretty good. The songs are really catchy. Her other albums are boring, I find, but I listen to this quite a bit.

2 Greedy

Vocals are just absolute frosting on the cake, alongside with the sick beat.

Ima keep voting for this until it's number 1 - 23MACCAja

My favorite song by her - 23MACCAja

Ariana has such a powerful voice in this song and she takes high notes to a whole new level.

3 Dangerous Woman

The album is named after this song!

This is the first song where I feel Ariana used her voice very differently. When she teased us with the snippets, I got so excited. Really great guitar solo and vocals in this song. Just plain amazing.

Such good vocals I love ari

I love this song

4 Thinkin Bout You

Love it.

Literally cried while listening to this song for the first time, it's so beautiful and I can't get enough of the melodies and he vocals and the visuals from her tour during this song

Her best song, a mix of emotions, vocals and moderns sounds. Thinking Bout You could be a hit single.

Don't even lie to yourselves this is the best song she's ever made, FACT

5 Touch It

Seriously underrated, it makes you go into the zone...

The most epic bridge ever at 2:54. My favorite song of all time!

The best song ever created.

Best song from the album sorry guys stupid arianna didn't it single

6 Moonlight

I LOVE THIS SONG She really shows off her soothing and sweet parts of her voice in this one. I listen to it all the time, especially when I need to relax. Beautiful, soothing, and calming song.

This song should top because it's is the best songs from Dangerous Woman and one of most sounding and catchiest songs by Ariana Grande.

Love the wedding vibe of this track. Is a lovely song. - JustListen

Lovely song with lyrics that can make you smile

7 Bad Decisions

This song is amazing. I love her voice in this song. Wow, just WOW.

Oh wow. He vocal height is fantastic from the start of the song to the end.

This song truly empowers her inside feminist and dangerous woman, it also highlights the fact that she is no longer a little girl off of nickelodeon.. also one of my personal favorites

This feel-good song has power, catchiness and variety rolled into one. This is my favourite song from the album along with Greedy.

8 Knew Better/Forever Boy

Yazz she should make Knew Better a seprate song because Forever Boy sucks!

Boy if you knew better you would do better.

* so true* - grak111

9 Side to Side

The new sexiness and boldness ari brings in this song is fantastic along with the beat and the collaboration with nicki minaj, one of my personal favorites from the album

Why is this not number 1 I know it's really dirty but it's such a good song

This song is amazing. Her and Nicki killed it

Love the song... not nikki. Swears too much - slytherinforever

10 Sometimes

Best song - ArianaMarvelHPVine456

Sometimes is arianas favorite song


Why do so many people talk crap about this song? This song is one of the best on the whole album! Geez, people don't have any taste in music anymore! ☹️

The Contenders

11 Be Alright

I thought this song would be a piece of crap, but it's pretty good.

Great song for a ringtone, shopping, to lift your spirits, pretty much anything!

It's a nice song also catchy ari

Needs more recognition!

12 Everyday


This should be number 1. It's so edgy and catchy

Should be on top5


13 Leave Me Lonely

This song is so good, why is it so low?

I honestly love this song so much!

Amazing and more

Ariana I love you but slow down. There are only a few ballads on this album and this is one of them. Slow down. Especially at the chorus.

14 Focus

I love this song just as much as Moonlight and Into You! It's so edgy and exciting, and it makes you want to get up and dance.

15 I Don't Care

Why is this song rated so low? It tells a story about her getting tired of people comparing her to her idols and her being on Nickelodeon and how she felt obligated and she doesn't care about it anymore.

Amazing lyrics.

I love this song! - grak111

I need this song. I don't care about the wait anymore. - grak111

16 Jason's Song (Gave It Away)

This song gives me Broadway vibes it's so catchy and fun to sing to!

Love all the jazz in this song. Underrated bevause it's on the deluxe edition only. Y'all should definitely give it a listen...!

17 Let Me Love You

This song would be great if she didn't hire Lil Wayne. He's disgusting and he can't rap. He teeth are disgusting to look at

This song actually pretty good one but I hate the part when Lil Wayne rap, he actually suck. - BeaM456

Why is this so low?

I dread this song its just a worser remake of Hands On Me. - grak111

18 Step On Up

I like this song as well for it's edgy and bouncy beat, but not my favorite.

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